Vivlaldi’s Four Seasons

Vivlaldi’s Four Seasons

By jfarrell



“Hello, you are through to…” whoever you called;

“You are in a queue.”

Why is it always Vivaldi’s four seasons,

And I don’t know which.


I don’t know much about classical music,

I’m more a Queen, Marillion, Metallica,

Kinda dude…

Why are we being forced to hate Vivaldi?


And I know it’s the Kafkaesque part,

I should ask about…

I phone number ‘A’, am told to phone number ‘B’

And round and round till I get told I’m spose to be

Speaking to number ‘A’


But, why Vivaldi?

If it was Abba,

I reckon more people would be less pissed off.

I don’t even like classical music;

Why am I spose to hate Vivaldi?



Author's Notes/Comments: 

i like Holst's 'The Planets'

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One Day At A Time.

Loving you is like tying my stomach in knots just to connect a few dots

Loving you is like asking the robin that thinks it's a blue bird to remember it's a robin, and it's laid an egg.

You laid an egg!

Or, rather you helped procure one.

You're here now. Remember?

You're back on this plane(t) of rock hard existence

Where you know only shame

How's that working out for you, so far?

You see... Loving you is like picking up each piece of plaster in a disaster and [then] asking it to stop crumbling

Could you please just stop crumbling. FUCK.

I can't take it anymore with the decay.

Put your self back together.

Loving you is like losing a piece of time, in the grand scheme of all things,

and then setting expectations for when this will all come back into frame.

When will this all come back in to focus?

When will this all come back?

Will this all come back?

Loving you has been like the most gut wrenching ride, I've ever felt in my life.

It's like a constant influx of hellos, and a steady stream of goodbyes.

Loving you is like holding onto a stream, where you can see it flow through, passed you,

but there's nothing stealthy enough to hold you.

Besides, why would I?

What would be the point in building a damn to stop your flow?

I mean-- like-- GATDAMN can he flow! The world doesn't even know.

But, I do. I know what you can do, because I've been wrapped up in you,

and I've let every aspect of me cave into all the cavenous pits you've created wthin

...and here we are.

We're back in your pit of shame and despair, and I don't have time.

I can't fucking be here.

I have things to do...

A baby to take care of--

and you...


Loving you is doing everything I can to not be bitter.

Loving you is remembering that all I wanted was for you to live to be the man he needs you to be.

Loving you means knowing I still have to love me.




By jfarrell


All my life wandering, travelling

From family home into children’s home

From one to another

Then to my own flat


Which I lost


Doorway to subway

Into a hostel


Then another hostel

Followed by 20 years

Of cheap bed-sits

With yellowing, mouldy walls


Breakdown, suicide attempt

Into hospital

For longer than any bedsit

Into a hostel


And still the wandering goes on

Like a nomad

I move from place to place

Searching for the place to stop and stay.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

i suppose we are all nomads, in way or another

Arrangement in any minor key

Arrangement in any minor key

By JFarrell


The music is me

Discordant, harsh, out of tune

A roaring cacophony

Ill composed from its beginning


Composed by a loveless mother

Transcribed by a violent father

A minor key

For sadness and pain


Along the way

It’s been added to, altered

Key changes everywhere

By those who consider themselves conductors


But, now

A new instrument has found its voice

From the depths of my soul

Haunting pizzicato strings stir and swell


An orchestra of strings hails the now

And is answered by woodwind breaths

The angelic harmony of harp song

Envelopes all


With a life of its own

The music of my soul rewrites me

Rewrites all that I was and have become

I am now a movement in the key of E



Author's Notes/Comments: 

music heals



By JFarrell


I am a whole

Made up of the fragments

That comprise my life

Comprise my experience


All the little broken pieces

Broken by life

Broken by pain

Broken by people


One whole, broken into a thousand pieces

Each piece, each fragment

Similarly broken into a thousand shards

All little stabs of pain


Like a jigsaw puzzle

I have spent my life

Reassembling the pieces

Fitting all the components together


Thousands of fragments

Painstakingly rearranged

Unerringly placed

To, once again, make me whole.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

5 weeks sober now

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Old Dog, New Tricks

Old Dog, New Tricks

By jfarrell


Spent 20 minutes trying

To get the ironing board to stand

Without falling down

10 minutes to work out

The steam might be fun

But, that hot,

It’ll burn my shirts

And just shy of 2 hours

To iron 4 shirts

Without burning the house down.

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?


I will teach myself

How to build a website;

Though, still much to learn

I did learn how to make a blog

And I reckon I can learn a language

Or three.

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?


At 49, I’ve recently learned that I CAN learn;

And I am going to learn anything


Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?


Author's Notes/Comments: 

yep, still learning

I wish meditation works

I wish meditation works

By JFarrell


Trust me,

Today I so wish mindfulness meditation actually works;

Let my thoughts come and go

Without judgement

Without holding on,

Without clinging to them.


Every thought, every breath screams

“Need alcohol!”

Waking to my cats vomiting;

Four days waiting on a so-called friend,

To get in touch with me,

After spending time I haven’t got

Doing him a favour.


Just wish,

I could close my eyes,

Take a deep breath

And let it out.


Especially the anger,

The nuclear rage I am feeling.

I’ve tried,

But, every thought, every breath

Just feeds the nuclear reaction.

And I know there is more to mindfulness,

But thinking, without judgement is central

To how it works,

And I can’t achieve that.


If it wasn’t for my love’s smile,

Engraved upon my heart, my mind,

I would be totally lost at sea.

She is my anchor,

My salvation.

You know who you are,

I love you, absolutely.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

i hope mindfulness meditation works for you

Know my own strength

Know my own strength

By JFarrell


I think I know my own strength,

Which is why I haven’t given up tobacco, yet.

Twelfth day sober,

Sixth day with no weed,

And have exercised more

In the last month

Than in all of the last fifteen years.


And, still I think of myself as weak.


Severe lack of sleep,

College and work to attend,

And I push, push, push….

My body says ‘no more, give us what we need.’

I eat, it wont stay down,

I’m drinking black coffee by the gallon

Cant drink anything else….

My body just screams for alcohol.

I resist.

Stubborn idiot!


And, still I think of myself as weak.


When I am strong enough

The tobacco will go too;

All these poisons have to stop.

I hope I know my own strength,

I have to be stronger than I can imagine myself ever being,

Coward that I am, was…. not sure, right now.


And, still I think of myself as weak.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

am i strong or weak? does it matter?

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Gone too soon

Too many gone too soon, by way of the needle and spoon......5 friends alone in the month of June and a wake today at noon..........this disease has my life such a mess, felling possessed, hoping for death......Yeah I'm fucking depressed...You must be a genius to have guessed.....alright I will confess I have no control getting high and really don't give a fuck if I overdose and die! I can't admit defeat even living on the streets, no food to eat, no shoes on my feet.....I gave everything away......I really don't know what else to only thought is getting off E today......a little hustling and boosting and I am on my way to see's the same routine every fucking day......when does it end?.....should I listen to my friend and go to detox again?........damn I can't stand being a slave, I know this disease wants me in my grave......I need to have God lead the way......I am ready today!

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