Pretty Peacock Sleep

She Whispered Something in My Mouth,

It Fell Out, 
Something Like…."You Will Never Be",
She Lit the End of My Cigarette with her Tongue,
She  Has  Tricks,
                       God Gum,
                       Slice Off a Piece of the Wall,
Use a Dumb Spoon',
Cherry-Red ,
You'd Smile but Not Nice Like That,
                   Main-Stained off the Street,
I'd be Lost,
without these Feet,
Interference from a Left Ear to a Thief Leaf,
Those Cats Dangle People,
Like Fish,
From The Highest Feats,
Not a Chooser Though,
Just a Mean-Goose Voice-Shine,
Poison Peacock,
Shake a Pretty Fan-Sleep,
Just for me,
Just Spins Round and Round,
Up Town,
Just Spins Round and Round,
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