Don’t Listen to Them

Don’t Listen to Them

By Jfarrell


Don’t listen to them;

Anyone who tells you “You can’t”;

Don’t listen;

Believe in yourself.


You CAN be anything you wanna be

Do ANYTHING you wanna do

You gotta work at it; you can’t snap your fingers and ‘pow’

But, believe in yourself


Learn, practice - everything IS achievable

By you; because you want to, you choose to;

It’s when you start believing “You can’t” that you’re stuffed

So believe in yourself


There is nothing that can’t be done;

We haven’t found a way to do everything,

Maybe you’ll find the answer and build our first time machine

Or teach the child who will cure cancer

Believe in yourself; I believe in You




Author's Notes/Comments: 

the power of belief