Identity ...

Instead of fulfilling God's plan for their life. Due to the fact people are Lovers of themselves more than GOD....

In doing that they're
lost souls walking  Spiritually DEAD.
So caught up in themselves,
From a Job, even a spouse, some it could be materialistic things.

You know like Money, Cars, some it may be clothes, or the lastest trend or fashion whatever is trending right.

From smart phones, iPad, or tablets whatever the case maybe,

not realizing that you're not controlling the device its controlling you.
All throughout your day, even in your homes. Families don't even take time to sit at the table and eat anymore.

Faces from young to old is in front of a screen of some sort. Rather reality
t.v, texting or another Selfie. Now dont get me wrong im not speaking of everyone,

but you know who you are rather we admit it to ourselves or not, GOD see all things.

Time is passing by but Christ is nearer than we think. I said all that to say this,

Time to release your potential seek God first. Your momentuem starts with you.

Be Diligent in all that you do, An your GOD given purpose will come manifest through.

Time to Identify your Identity .

Be Blessed

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All of your


is so


sad and erotic


and insigtful



"One of the best results of life, is the torment of love"

Dylan Eliot