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Lonely Clouds

Author's Notes/Comments: 

In 1996, Rod Stewart, with Kevin Savigar, performed Every Beat of My Heart with the Scottish Euro '96 Squard - for a CD generally titled: Purple Heather. My poetic rendition: Lonely Clouds was inspired by Every Beat of My heart. Proceeds from this Stewart CD is meant for: Dunblane Fund - in memory of those beautiful, heavenly and enchanting 5 year old kids killed, with their teacher, by a gunman at Dunblane Primary School Scotland on Wednesday 13 March 1996. My poem: Lonely Clouds, just as my poetry book collection titled: Hope for Dunblane, is, also, a deep-felt tribute - in remembrance of those lovely children of God's enlivening eternal kingdom and their families. 


Dunblane School Kids: Scotland March 1996

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