Ugonna Wachuku 


On lush, green mountain slopes

and humane islands, this river

begins its hopeful journey to

oceans for life; on our

enchanting earth

home, unbound. 


Bright breathtaking landscapes
and welcoming country-sides glow 

with life from earth's oceans.

You are there all the worthy way:


There is beauty and inspiration.
There are moonlight stories in
hearty village squares made
lively by the smile you hold
within your beautiful being.


The river is there - still moving
on its earthly journey through
landscapes of home and inspiration.
In your emerald eyes, windows of
heavenly hope open for new life:


Life: And your name is born anew
for humanity and for bald eagle
me. Your river unfolds a humane
rainbow's rain. You are just
smilingly there with all upliftment
like glorious songs from angels
of our Heavenly Father's abode.


New dawn awaits humanity and my
eagle soul in your cherished care -:
This new dawn when your soothing
voice will welcome us to the
homely square in the handsome
heart of Ethiopian villages.


Life. And it is your name.
Life. And it is the hope and
patience that lifts this eagle
to blessingly soar through
towering mountains and stormy
skies on our earthly pathways
and river roads reclaimed for
you, all humankind, earth's
nature and living creatures.


Life. And you are there,
touchingly, with that
unwavering inspiration
your smile brings.
Life. And you calmly
welcome this eagle to
your humble, little
corner on the sprawling
hall of this global home
for humanity and peace.
Life. And the eagle in me
lands - just to see, uphold,
cherish and be made persevering
to soar this new day and always.


Life. And you are there - on
lush, green mountain slopes
where the river's journey
begins. Life. And you are
cutely there to welcome
the eagle's flight home in
all of your radiant, fertile


Life and you are inspiringly
there for the abundant good of
all humanity and eager eagle me.


Life and you are bountifully
there on lush, green mountain
slopes of heavenly home where
this rainbow river
begins its journey
to oceans for 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hiwot Taffese from Ethiopia inspired me to write this poem. Her name: Hiwot means Life!

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patriciajj's picture

Breathtaking. I tell you

Breathtaking. I tell you honestly, that I have rarely read such a luminous tribute to a loved one. Every line is drenched in the purest love, underscored by rapturous imagery. Perfection. God bless you.

Angus Brewer's picture

I hope she was receptive, that you were able to have a conversation with her, and that the two of you can find happiness together.

Great poem.


Donna Allard's picture

Well Ugonna I have to agree with Milton that verse is beautiful. Cheers!!!
your lil poet from canada
Donna Allard

C. Hill's picture

Oh Ugonna,
this is so excellent in it's wholeness so beautiful in every words and image that it breath.and as the eagle you named yourself in soars with your spirit to celestial places. i love the feel of your lush green mountain slopes and the crisp air of it's feel.most exceptionable piece....very stunning Mighty Eagle....
with honors....Christina

Adele Smith's picture

This is the most insparational poem I've ever read. It was one of those poems you can visuallise in your minds-eye. Keep up this great work!

serene's picture

Hi Ugonna,

Your poems always inspire me. Thanks for sharing this with us. The beauty of your soul reflects in your words. Nature has become you and she takes pride in having you as her child. You always bring us to her -- God's creation, soothing, refreshing as your soul. With your love for humanity and nature combined, your wisdom and beauty shine through.

Send my peace, love and goodwill to our brothers and sisters in our church over there. God bless you always, my brother in Christ.



meso's picture

Your poem is a clear description of the essence of life: the up and downs that characterises all human endeavor. Like many of your works, this is a reminder to mankind to live their life positively, to strive against all odds for the common good of mankind and its relationship with nature.

"Life: And your name is born anew
for humanity and for bold eagle me
your river unfolds a humane
rainbow`s rain..... "

What a beautiful piece of work. Thank you for sharing, friend.


vjochum's picture

To my Eager Eagle,
Your beautiful bald eagle head is amazing, as it continuously pours forth with wisdom, gentleness and insight to the beauty within your nature as nature itself.
Thank you for directing me to this read Ugonna. It is appreciated as I needed this timely invitation back to Life.
Still here,
Your Beloved Flowering Applepumpkin Pie

gentle's picture

It has been a long time, my friend.

This piece creates an inspiring picture of the beauty of life & its relationship to the creatures of this world.

Without life, nothing exists.

Such a precious commodity life is. We are so blessed to be able to breathe & to enjoy what "life" brings.

What a lovely poem.Thank you so much for keepig in touch & allowing me to share this inspiration with you.


Gentle is the night♥

Mona's picture

A beautiful write so refreshing thanks for sharing

Tim / manatee Marshall's picture

HEY FRIEND~ sorry i don't write like i did,my health depresses my writing ? some day are good but i feel out the swing,YOUR work blows me away,i admire your education
and energy love and peace to you TIM M

Angela Albee's picture

This was a beautiful poem...put a smile on my soothing and uplifting...well written.

Judy Costea's picture

This is a most beautiful and uplifting poem... I feel like I am soaring along through this poem with you seeing all you speak of... The beauty in this life you speak of is painted so with your words... I feel myself becoming one with Mother Nature as I read your beautiful poem....
God Bless you with Peace and Love always..

Sandie Angel's picture

Hi Ugonna:

Thank you so much for inviting me to read this poem. This was very inspiring indeed. "Life" has just been renewed, and taken charge and life itself. You couldn't have written this better.

Excellent work indeed! I like this immensely.

Sandie Angel :o)

Sal Roux's picture

This is BEAUTIFUL,change not a nuance, you hold the sentiments as gently as one would embrace a butterfly