Sing me a Song

Ugonna Wachuku


That the moon may shine;
that the stars may bloom;

that flowers may blossom;
that birds may sing:


Sing me a song.
Sing me a song from
the depths of the sea.


Sing me a song from
the love in your heart.


Sing me a song from
the beauty that is you.
Let me feel the beat
of your heart at noon
when the sun is high
on the horizon.


Let me be near you
and in you for the
love that we share;
for the care you


Let me not depart
from your presence.


Let the smiling stars
be there to welcome us
at the beginning -
from lush, inspiring
landscapes and meadow
sea shores.


Let humanity learn
from the love within
our love. Let angellic
hands play this music
of the bountiful soul
from generation to


Just sing me a song.
And let me be who
I am because I too
will sing you a song
from my deep soul;
and let you be who
you are!


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C. Hill's picture

IN HIS WORDS I saw my people on fire....Ugonna you possess
the spirit of a ancient and old sagas breathing in these days to bring us back to the home's shores.reminding us to never forget ourselves and the land that we are apart of.I think you for my people songs.....for my songs....again well done sir....well done. Christie

vjochum's picture

I'll sing you a song Ugonna but, nothing I sing will compare to your eloquent melodies.

Misty Lackey's picture

good work, how sweet and true!

gentle's picture

There is power, truth & beauty in every voice that sings.... Amy

Gentle is the night♥

Helen Schmidt's picture

Ugonna, Wonderful words of inspiration and hope! If we could love ourselves and others as well as nourish this beautiful Earth, we would be happy indeed! Best regards, Helen

Mona Omar's picture

dear ugonna your song ia beautiful and yes its true if you love someone sing him a song but let him ,her be what he is :)