The Red Lights

The Red Lights
by: Joel Faypon
September 27, 2002

Once you wrapped me around
      the sheets of your pleasantries
A naive girl stranger to the world
     and its toils
I showed you the real world
     but it didnt come to you
     as a shock
You saw it more like a wonder
Life and love and their
     ill fated meanings
Sin and consequence -
     guilt and new beginnings

The first moment we kissed
     lingers so much like pain
It never dived down to oblivion
How can you forget the sight of
     a placid sunset sinking in
     a raging sea?
You cannot - for it is meant to be
     an eternal memory

We kissed before every red light
      we came across
And along with it - we wished
     that the light remained red forever
But forever - like being human
     is overated
And that is what you taught me -
Be blind to everything and just feel
Just feel and be innocently happy

But now you're slipping away
I regret chosing to be a drifter
I realized it late that when I drift -
     the ones that I care about
     may one day drift away from me

It is more painful now
      knowing that I have loved
I shed more blood when
     you tell me that I'm loved
The cut gets deeper when
     you wish for all my love
And its death in itself knowing 
     that I'm going to  lose that love....

-september 27 02-

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Sarah .'s picture

wow, that is an amazing poem. great flow and wording. I wish i could write with that sense of intensity and it has a great metaphorical sense as well. wow