The Illusionist


Come to me, watch my eyes
Come catch a glimpse of paradise
Watch my smile while I cry
Show my life as I die
See my light! Is truly dark
See my magic, only farce
The door which leads you to my heart
Is really a wall, protect my heart
Yes I smile, but you can't see
The pain and tears inside of me
The magic I show you to make you smile
With a broken heart all the while
I live and love to make you glad
All the while to miss what I had
This my job, I won't let you see
So that you won't cry for me
Magic I claim, magic I know
All an illusion, only a show
But soon you will leave, a smile on your face
And that smile will be my redeeming grace.

Empty Apologies

I wrote this poem and wanted to share it with you.

empty apologies by jack fehlmann

only a half truth

the words
we say

we the wicked
and corrupt

the diseased
and addicted

with the words
we find

that we weave

half truths
with excuses

empty apologies

eases this guilt

ownership is needed

it was me
I'm sorry

I'm sorry
this is me

empty apologies

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Who's real ?

What happens when your tired of being used
Tired of writing sad songs and singing the blues
Friends ? Not friends at all
The same snakes you take to the mall
Everyday faces seem so predictable
Their only goal, is to ruin things unfixable
But you standing strong, taking all you can take
Backed up in a corner with a shell that can't break
And your lost, with no sense of direction
Just wanting to feel some type of love and affection
Cringing for words, craving for the truth
Looking beyond all disguises for who is here for you
Knowing what is right and doing what is wrong
Confused by the words they say so strong
Young wild nights turn in to unbreakable habits
Looking back to the past saying shit happens
Do words hurt ? Do they mean what they say ?
Will they give you the answer or show you the way ?
The truth is always left unsaid
But you will know who was real
Only when your dead

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'd really appreciate honest feedback. Be as blunt as possible.

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Who is real?
Who is fake?
How can you tell before its to late?
How can you tell before heartbreak?
Some never learn.
...I never learn

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Inception love

Sad Love Poems

& if ur love is fake then let me live dat lie // cuz if I'm with u I kno I'll never die // baby u keep my heart alive // inception mind state I wanna grow old with u // live life & watch da world turn blue // so baby plz climb this height & share this view // cuz I'm telling u now // it's beautiful // I kno sometimes u climb & sometimes u fall // cuz every now & then we seem to start up a war // buts dats alrite // cuz dat lets me kno dat u're willing to fight // we need to get into da darkness before we're able to see dat light // I want u to be more than jus my wife // cuz I wanna be more than jus ur man // baby alI i jus want is for u to understand // becuz rite now our love is in wonderland ~


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love bipolar

Love is what i need
Love is what makes me bleed
love is my insanity
love is so empty
love is hate with another name
love is oh so fake

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Realizing the Truth

1st poems

I gave you everything there was to give
To the point where I´m in debt with myself

You were my guard and my teacher
You aided me and taught me everything I know
If it were for me
I would never let you go

I gave you my complete trust
My heart hung in your hands
My senses were overwhelmed by your touch

I closed my ears to people´s words
I never listened when they said
That you were wrong for me
And that you just wanted to use me

But as time slowly ticked on by
I heavyheartedly started to recognize
That people had always been right

It wasn´t just the fights
It wasn´t just the constant omissions
And the lack of compromise
It was the indifference you showed me

The vicious slurs
The betrayals
I´ve gotten so used to them
I know it´s not healthy
But just to imagine your departure kills me

Or so it did

After all I´ve been through
After all you´ve gotten me into
I´ve become stronger
Every slap in the face from your tounge
Only made my skin thicker
Every humiliation
Has only made me wiser

And as lost and confused as I may be
I stand here alone today
Nothing is the same
But nonetheless I look up to the sky
And things finally hit me and I realize
That the moon continues to revolve around Earth
And the sun will always shine.

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Everything Is Fake

As i lay here awake,

I remember everything is fake,

A tear drop rolls down my cheek,

True love is all that i seek,

I wonder why I can't have it,

It turns into a bad habit,

Tomorrow i will lay here awake,

Never forgetting that everything is fake.

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The Untruthh

Glass eye lies,
no reason to even try
Mighht as well give up,
Since we can't see through all that makeup,
Running mascara making her face uncleann,
Oh such a familiar scene,
Each lie is a cut on her wrist,
death is the only thing that'll bring her bliss,
But even when her heart stops beating,
There will be a never ending bleeding,
Of all the lies she waas told,
Which was after all what made her body go cold.

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