If...I Will Know You

You and me, 

Him, her, they, them,

Will one day die,

And if we choose the path

To self-actualize,

The path of 'right thinking',

We will be reborn in this life 

Not once, but many times,

Over and over again,

And our bodies one day

Will cease to breathe,

To feel when we touch,

To hear when we listen,

To taste when we eat,

To anger when we need,

To love in the ways we know love,

And to smell the sweetness of the Earth

In all of it's wonder and beauty.


And when that happens,

I will know you by and through 

The awareness I develop here 

In this lifetime.

We will not touch,

Or hear the melodic sounds 

We once heard of gentle whispers

That speak to the heart 

And touch the soul.


We will no longer share the sight

Of 'purple mountains majesty',

Below blue skies that

Wrap the sun for us each morning 

Like a gift fit for kings and queens.

But through my awareness I will know you,

And every dream ever dreamed will share 

The meanings of that which the universe

Carefully charted from the beginning.


Human life, a small but necessary and intricate 

Experience of preparation

To that of which we cannot or could never fathom

Through a mortal mind.


If we seek to live wisely,



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I don't know how I feel on

I don't know how I feel on this subject. There are times I pray I have a soul and other times where I think it would be better if I didn't. I don't know. If I do have a soul it's in limbo.

Long days and pleasant nights


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Thanks for reading.   

Thanks for reading. 


...and he asked her, "do you write poetry? Because I feel as if I am the ink that flows from your quill."

"No", she replied, "but I have experienced it. "