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-saiom shriver-

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Cows and chinchillas

find a world mean and chilly

in the fur stores and the

con carne chili.


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Immersed in fog

in the lily'd bog

live polliwogs

before they're frogs


In Italian woods

goes Francis unshod

on the path

to oneness with God


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Anything which kills

little bug beings

can accumulate

to kill big beings.

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When raindrops

fall down

they sometimes

leave crowns

as the descent

of grace

does fearfulness



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What ever I do i will now let you down

I will run up to the town

And I will find you

Before you get out of your room


I will work things out

Just don't open your mouth

Its funny really

That we were meant to be


I throw my things

I broke everything

But it seems

You can't see


Promise me this

If everything goes to bits

I will not let you down

And i will give you my crown

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I don't know what you think of this but i hope you like it

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Sometimes do you feel like a shadow?

You're always there but no-one knows

So many times you've gotten trampled on before

And before anyone notices, you're always gone


This is what I feel like

Not loved, forgotten and disliked

These things seem to get in the way

But they always say "push through the day"


Sometimes I can, sometimes I can't

I feel so sad and yet so mad

I am really not a shadow anymore

I am just a girl who is unsure


I'm lost in a life that I am living

Just hoping and wishing I could change the beginning. 


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The Frown Syndrome People

Frown Syndrome people are nothing new,
I think they've been here before me or you,
Around and around on the merry-go-round,
They frown if they're white, and they frown if they're brown.


They frown in the city, and frown in the town,

When asked to stop frowning,
They will frown at you and say,
"I'll have to stand on my head,
Because this frown won't go away."


They will frown in the morning, and they'll frown in the night,
They will frown in the darkness, and frown in the light,
Those Frown Syndrome people, can become quite a sight!
I'm beginning to think that it just is not right!


We might smile, and greet them, with gracious 'hellos',
We might bring them some presents in boxes and bows,
We might paint them a smile with pretty pink crayons,
But no matter how pretty, smiles just never stay on!


The doctor is eager to give them a pill,
But the frowning comes back when he sends them the bill,
Some say that a hug could help brighten their day,
But the Frown Syndrome people don't like hugs, they say.


I think variations in people will be,
Underneath every syndrome we'll find,
If we look with our hearts beauty's easy to see,
What we miss when just using our mind.



© 2013



Author's Notes/Comments: 

About what people just are... love them anyway.

The Shift

Mingling with the crowd,
Steps in time to the sounds of laughter,
Children, parents, pets and elderly,
And lights that seem to speak in tongues
Amidst the exhuberance in the air,
A midsummer night's dream,
It all escapes into my memory,
As each moment passes by,
I hear the church bell toll
As each hour passes on through,
And the smell of cotton candy,
Candied apples and soft pretzels,
The taste of clams,
While sipping a german brew,
The moon, motionless,
Above it all,
Mind wanders off to a far away place,
A strange bewildered,
Flight of enchantment draws me in,
And away from this hoopla
Into another place,
And the carousel is frozen,
The calliope coated in ice,
And the music stops,
The crowd is quiet,
The lights are dimming,
The babies are sleeping,
I ask for a lemon wedge.
And am served a carrot,
Intrigued, but not disappointed,
I walk to the bathroom,
It's dark and I fall,
I get lost in the lights,
And the ambulance siren,
And awaken to tubes down my throat,
As I choke on thoughts,
About popcorn I missed,
And a ferris wheel ride,
Swallowing goldfish,
And fireworks in the sky,
Tomorrow seems like today,
And the blood bag above
Makes me remember how well
Vincent Price portrayed Dracula,
Then falling into a deep slumber,
I hope the ice melts off the carousel...



© 2013

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is about something that could happen to any of us at any time.

hOles by dfx

HOLEs by dfx

   I find myself at the bottom of a cold and lonely hole

The darkness that surrounds me reaches through, to the very center of my soul

Unable to pull out, to climb from this life shattering abyss

For its your spirit, your beauty, your very essence that I miss

There are at times a passer-by

but none want to stop to peer down into the gloom

As I waste away down in this black place, this unforgiving self made tomb

   I sit staring blankly and think, with a certain degree of insanity

If I had dug this fucking hole, I could dig others

Please excuse my use of profanity

I could dig holes to define how much I miss not having you around

You would always be reminded as I'd have holes dug up all over town

   Holes for regret, There would be so damned many

Of this kind of hole I wonder, have you been digging any

I may have to dig shallow for all the things that have gone wrong

It would go on for miles I'm afraid

Lord knows it would be so very long

   To display how much you really mean to me, just one hole wouldnt do

I'd dig both night and day

Until I had dug a thousand, maybe even two

   And to express how deep my love is for yoy

Why, if given the chance I'd forever be digging

I would be your digging fool

   But right now I am trapped down in here, left alone

Your thoughts that I'll simply fade away

But I need you, I need you to need me too

Its in your heart I need to stay

   There is one hole I will gladly dig

Never would I feel the least bit blue

That hole could begin right here

And lead me forever to be beside you

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Love Travels

Love goes up.
Love goes down.

Love goes all around.
Back and forth.
Side to side.

And all around.

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Gettin’ cloudy out here, rain’s a comin’.
Sleetin’ through the air, rivulets runnnin’.
Keep searchin’, through the damp and clammy day
For somethin’ I just can’t explain.
As I’m treadin’ across this land so dark,
Illuminatin’ my way with my flashlight’s spark,
I know I won’t find what I seek
Even after a lifetime and a week.

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