Haqueian Verse


The well,

A frog,

Like a shipwrecked man,


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4 Poems

-saiom shriver-

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Cows and chinchillas

find a world mean and chilly

in the fur stores and the

con carne chili.


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Immersed in fog

in the lily'd bog

live polliwogs

before they're frogs


In Italian woods

goes Francis unshod

on the path

to oneness with God


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Anything which kills

little bug beings

can accumulate

to kill big beings.

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When raindrops

fall down

they sometimes

leave crowns

as the descent

of grace

does fearfulness



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The animal's new world

It has been a week since everything happened. The virus left no humans in the world. The planet is so peaceful and quiet now that it is habited by animals only. The sun was shining up in the sky when the frog saw the duck. She took great leaps towards the poor trapped animal and asked the duck what happened. The duck explained that he and his family were about to migrate to the north when a big tree fell down, and a branch reached him and left him unconscious. The frog, really worried, tried to move the branch but her arms were too weak. The duck quacked loudly because of the pain, so the frog moved away. The frog didn’t want to let the duck there to die because all the animals needed to migrate to a better environment. The frog realized that even though she needed to run away to save herself, she couldn’t leave the duck alone, so she decided she was going stay with him and get help. In her way to the jungle, the frog saw many fallen trees, a fire and no flowers. She has been walking for around 2 hours and no animal was on the sight. The frog, feeling defeated, turned back to go where the duck was. Suddenly she heard some noises on the distance. She ran to that direction and saw a baby gorilla crying. The gorilla explained that he and his herd were running to the north, when they saw fire. Everyone got scared and started running so he lost his dad. The frog, being as compassionate as always, offered her help. They kept looking until his dad finally appeared. The big gorilla was so thankful, that he asked the little frog if she wanted to join them on their way to the “animal’s new world” the frog, very excited, started to jump all over! She told the gorilla that first they had to help her friend the duck. The gorilla accepted happily. He carried his baby and the frog on his back and ran on the way to save the duck. When they arrived, the duck was crying because of the pain, so the gorilla with his great strength moved away the big branch so the duck was set free. Then, when everyone was ready to leave, the big gorilla carried everyone on his back and started their journey to the animal´s paradise, where the water and food is endless and all the animals are friends; “the animal’s new world”.

By: Ernesto Chapa & Ale Hdz

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My grandma's frog collection

My Grandma’s Frog Collection

My grandma have this huge frogs collection, she has them before I was born and in her collection you can find all this types of frogs, some are made of plastic, porcelain, glass, even she used to have one that was mummified. Since I have memory, I remembered my grandma telling me and my cousins that we can´t ever played with her collection but we didn´t follow this rule, we played with them every time we can, even if we knew that she was going a get really mad if we broke one, so we were really careful, but sometimes we weren’t enough, because we broke a lot of frogs. Because we were kids, we didn’t know what to do with the broken frogs, so we hide them under the couch thinking that my grandma will never notice, but when the cleaning lady found out, she always told to my grandma each time she found one. The punished was that if we broke one frog, we need to give her another, so every time I and my family went to a holiday trip, we always bring a souvenir frog for her replacing the one we broke. Now when I go to my grandma’s house I still see the old frogs which I used to played, it is strange because I can remember almost all the frogs, for example, she still have a little frog wearing a hat who is sitting in a canoe and its fishing, I always played with that frog, it was my favorite. Now me and my cousins grew up, we stop playing with the frog collection, but the new generations are the ones who are playing with those frogs. Now I have to little cousins and one nephew and every time they can, they played with them, actually it is really funny, cause the last time I went to my grandma’s she told me that they are doing exactly the same that I used to do with my cousins, they hide the frogs under the couch. Now when I see a frog it remembers me my grandma and when I have a chance I still buy souvenir frogs to her, the last trip I made was to Guanajuato, I didn´t know that Guanajuato means City of Frogs, I bought a little frog that is wearing a helmet like a miner, I can’t wait to see her and give it to her

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Oggy Song

A groggy froggy sat on a loggy
With a doggy and a moggy
In a boggy that was foggy
But they all fell in and they all got soggy
So the soggy doggy and the soggy moggy
Went off together for a joggy
While the groggy froggy did hoggy the loggy
And ate some yoggy and flies

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