Dear Old Friend


Dearest Friend,


It is past 12:00 am

I am laid down in my bed-

Not counting sheep, but thinking of you

It sucks because I can’t get you out of my head—

I think of all the good moments we had

The times you made me laugh and smile

During my most rainy days all the while.--

I think of your touch, your kiss

A passionate bliss.

Do you remember it?


You left, you were gone.

I realized it was just a dream. It is done.

My once colored world turned to a gloomy nightmare.

I wish you knew what I feel.

I am grasped in a sudden agony of despair; it’s so real.

I am Lost. Isolated. Miserable, Shattered, Alone.

Lost, isolated, miserable, shattered, Alone.

It is as if you’ve taken my soul.

And what’s left of me is my dead walking body.

I am nobody.

Things have changed. It’s different now.

It is as if I never existed. But how?

I don’t understand.

You don’t look at me the same way,

Or smile that lovely smile that would brighten my day.

Weird part is, you hate me

Yet I still love you.

Nothing hurts more--

Than knowing that he meant the world to you,

But you meant nothing to him.

At least, not today.

So I say to you these last words-

Thank you for all those precious moments you gave me

They mean a lot, although it didn’t last.

Heh, nothing does huh?

How stupid I was to think in fairy tales.

But this isn’t a fairy tale, its reality. Love fails.

I ask myself, should I regret loving you?

Oh, love may be cruel,

But if I didn’t meet you

I wouldn’t know its sublime power.

I forgive you. After all, all good things come to an end.

You were always my companion, my sweet, dearest friend.

So thank you.

I shall accept it and go home now.

It is time for me to move in a different path.

If I don’t, I will be doomed forever concealing this wrath.

But I tell you this, I shall love again.

You just weren’t the one.

It was nice meeting you Love,

Farewell, my dearest friend.






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