Dear. 2pac

Dear. .. 2pac

I'v never met
A man like tupac
I'v felt yourwords , in your music
Every word
you rapped away
People say you died !
I say your still alive
not walkin this fucked up earth
But your soul, your strength
Lives and Breathes Inside
your music give me the drive
To wake , to cry , to forget
And to fuckin try
I thank you tupac,
Like a brother ,
like a preacher ,
like a father ,
and a teacher,
You started out by slangin ..
Slangin drugs to droppin the ryhmes
One song at a time
I thank you .
Makin my lifes better every time
I crank you're ryhmes
At any fuckin time
I know you're still alive
So everyday I know
You'll help me
at anytime

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just my little rap song I was working on .

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