Harvard Commencement Speech, 2016

Just fuck it. Yes, fuck this
And fuck that.
Fuck everything.
Fuck Harvard, Yale
And Princeton.
Fuck poetry. Fuck genius.
Fuck the stars and constellations,
Just go fuck yourself
With your exuberance
And charm,
Just fuck it, say no more
And no less
Than fuck this shit.
Too many fucking moments
Were spent
Inside a mental prison
Admiring some fucker’s
Fucking words
Of unfuckable proportions --
Fuck galaxies and the Milky Way,
Fuck the Big Dipper,
(And the Little Dipper too)
Fuck wars and peace,
Fuck slavery, fuck education,
Political correctness,
Religion and the law,
Fuck the unfuckable fathoms
Of fuckability,
Fuck thousand times
Profoundly and beautifully
The holy fucks of Islam,
Judaism and Christianity --
Just fuck it --
Fucking motherfuckers --
Say something fucking
Meaningful for once,
Like fuck it all
Cause in the end
It makes
No fucking

May 29, 2016

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For My Sarah

Family & Memories


For My Sarah


My little girl, you're all grown up,
Into a beautiful young woman now.
The years flew by us, oh so fast,
And I don't quite know, just how.


It seems like only yesterday,
That I held you in my arms.
I finally had my little baby girl,
Who stole my heart with her charms.


Now here you are, in cap and gown,
With childhood ways in the past.
For today you graduate high school,
The moment you've waited for at last!


My daughter, I am so proud of you,
For all that's led you to today.
And this is just the beginning,
Of wonderful things for you, I pray.


Remember daughter, no matter what,
Life may do, or bring to your door-
Always keep God at the center,
And your heart will never be poor.


Remember too, that I'm always here,
No matter how far you may roam.
No matter where life takes you, or what you do,
I will always be waiting here, at home.


God Bless you, Sarah, every moment,
And especially now, at this milestone.
Know that I love you with all my heart,
As you begin this grownup life of your own.


Love Forever and Always,
Mommy 06-19-2012
©Cathy Faist 2012


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just wrote this for my daughter, Sarah, who is graduating high school tonight!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS SWEETIE!!!! Can't wait!! I Love You, Honey!!! xoxoxo

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