What’s inside the purse?

Emergency kit, lip-gloss, paper fan, sewing kit, everything I needed I knew I can find it there. Besides being my best friend I’ve always seen my mother as a hero, and her purse is one of her special weapons. Whenever I think of a bad situation I think on my mother finding a way to fix it. I remember when I was 10 I was at Dallas, Texas ready for my ice skating competition, or at least that’s what I thought, two minutes before going in the rink, I saw how my costume was ripped from one side, if it hadn’t been for the sewing kit my mom had on her purse, I probably wouldn’t have competed, she immediately saw it back again and I was ready in a matter of seconds. Four years ago, my mother took me and my friends to South Padre Island, we had so much fun for the first two days, that night the hotel’s emergency alarm went on and we had to leave the building, hurricane “Dolly” attacked the island while we were sleeping. We found a basement safe for us to stay, 10 people and a total of 24 hours on the same room, how did we make it? Yeah, you’re right… my mom’s purse; from food to emergency blankets, my mom just kept taking things out of there, once again we were saved by the power of the purse. I remember being so nervous at that time, hearing the strong wind blow and the sound of things falling every second, I guess that knowing how I could find something on that purse that will help us make it through such a bad day relaxed me and made me feel better. I can’t even think of one time since I was little that I needed something that I couldn’t find there, sometimes I didn’t even had to ask for it the fact of knowing that it was in there made me feel secure. All these years I’ve been thinking why is it that I find so important what’s inside my mother’s purse, I finally found out that it’s not about the things, its about the way it makes me feel, secure and protected. When I grow older and have kids, I hope the stuff I have in my purse make them feel the same way.

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