Monthly Archive for January 2019

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بائعة الكبريت maches seller Poem Thanaa_Dervish Jan 25th
crazy lady Poem wrennie redhead Crazy Jan 25th
To T. S. Eliot, 1964, Nearing Death Poem Starward Jan 25th
Unconditional Poem mittens4444 affection, animals, love, Pets, soul, unconditional, unconditional love Jan 25th
The day I died for you Poem Morningglory 4 Jan 25th
Wake Up Poem lupus Jan 25th
ياسمين Poem Thanaa_Dervish Jan 25th
DAGNABIT! Poem fuche_bu 6 #tankasocietyofamerica #missedtrain #dagnabit Jan 25th
Lost Poem Bubbles80 2 Jan 25th
love Poem burkej1h 2 Jan 25th
Inauthentically? Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Jan 25th
Jester Poem stellaluceat Jan 25th
لم يهنى لي Poem asaihati Jan 25th
ابتسم Poem asaihati Jan 25th
مازال نشوانا Poem asaihati Jan 25th
Pardon My Darkness Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Jan 25th
قدّها المياس Poem Thanaa_Dervish Jan 25th
لا تحبني Poem ثناءدرويش Jan 25th
صوتك Poem ثناءدرويش Jan 25th
زائر الليل Poem ثناءدرويش Jan 25th
شكوى Poem ثناءدرويش Jan 25th
مفاصل Joints Poem Thanaa_Dervish Jan 25th
للموت صوت The sound of death Poem Thanaa_Dervish 1 Jan 25th
بنفسج Violet Poem Thanaa_Dervish Jan 25th
Horizons Poem roseblossoms Jan 25th
أغنية Poem Thanaa_Dervish Jan 25th
How كيف Poem Thanaa_Dervish Jan 25th
رأس السنة Poem Thanaa_Dervish Jan 25th
نصر victory Poem Thanaa_Dervish Jan 25th
OUR LAST DAY Poem joy 1 #inspiration, #ourlstday Jan 25th
مسك Poem ثناءدرويش Jan 25th
لعلنا منويات والبويضة حياة Poem ثناءدرويش Jan 25th
نرجس Narcissus Poem Thanaa_Dervish Jan 25th
Sunflower Poem Thanaa_Dervish Jan 25th
مونا مور Poem Thanaa_Dervish Jan 25th
Pro Bowl 2019 Live Stream Online Free Prose brushyourteeth Jan 25th
SAG Awards 2019 Live Stream Online Free Prose brushyourteeth Jan 25th
Royal Rumble 2019 Live Stream Free Online Prose brushyourteeth Jan 25th
I have no luxury of choice Prose Morningglory 2 Jan 25th
A part ner Prose Morningglory Jan 25th
Irish Heritage Poem LittleLennonGurl Jan 25th
بذور Poem Thanaa_Dervish Jan 25th
الظل الثامن عشر/ رحيل Poem ثناءدرويش Jan 25th
SnailMail Poem Miiranda31 Jan 25th
To Be Empty Poem allets 2 Jan 26th
Deep In The Forest Poem lozzamus shelter, snow, winter Jan 26th
BROWN NAPKIN Poem fuche_bu 6 #brownnapkin #foundpoetry #recycledpaper #bacchanaleve Jan 26th
Md. Ziaul Haque’s Quotes [মো. জিয়াউল হক এর উক্তি] Prose KingofWords quote Jan 26th
IN MY QUEST I'VE BEEN FORSAKEN Prose fuche_bu 2 #forsaken #quest #ordinarythought Jan 26th
Turning On The Country Poem allets Jan 26th
كما تتنفس الأرواح Poem ثناءدرويش Jan 26th
لأننا لسنا أربابا Poem ثناءدرويش Jan 26th
سيرك Poem ثناءدرويش Jan 26th
بنك المعارف Poem ثناءدرويش Jan 26th
فطرة Poem ثناءدرويش Jan 26th
مصياف Poem ثناءدرويش Jan 26th
CORRECTION Poem AngryLaughter 1 Jan 26th
my time will come Poem wrennie death, Oblivion Jan 26th
On Your Beauty [Fiverse: Poem of Five Lines] Poem KingofWords On Your Beauty Jan 26th
Heart Thief [Fiverse: Poem of Five Lines] Poem KingofWords Heart Thief Jan 26th
হিসেব বেহিসেবের অংক [পাঁচপদী কবিতাঃ ফাইভার্স] Poem KingofWords হিসেব বেহিসেবের অংক Jan 26th
The Dialogue Continues Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Jan 26th
After The First Moon Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Jan 26th
لا النافية Poem ثناءدرويش Jan 26th
ميني ماركت Poem ثناءدرويش Jan 26th
الظل التاسع عشر / مريام Poem ثناءدرويش Jan 26th
Dont Show my Tears Poem RomeonJuliet113 Jan 26th
مسرح العرائس Poem ثناءدرويش Jan 26th
الظل العشرون / فاتنة Poem ثناءدرويش Jan 26th
رويدك Poem asaihati Jan 26th
أنفاس Poem ثناءدرويش Jan 26th
أن تكون حرا Poem ثناءدرويش Jan 26th
Nothing lucid Poem Morningglory 2 Jan 26th
তোর আদরে [পাঁচপদী কবিতাঃ ফাইভার্স] Poem KingofWords তোর আদরে Jan 26th
I Want Poem allets Jan 26th
Hurtful words Poem RomeonJuliet113 1 Jan 26th
Sorrow Poem Ground Jan 26th
ناي Poem ثناءدرويش Jan 26th
يااااا بحر Poem ثناءدرويش Jan 26th
وجوه Poem ثناءدرويش Jan 26th
أرق Poem ثناءدرويش Jan 26th
ابتهال Poem ثناءدرويش Jan 26th
Slaughterhouse Shriek Poem saiom2 1 Jan 26th
Defrost Poem Miiranda31 Jan 26th
الظل الحادي والعشرون / وسيم Poem ثناءدرويش Jan 26th
The Infamous Myth Poem Carl_Halling 5 #artist Jan 26th
Live For You Poem DaveBrowder Jan 26th
Heaven and Hell [Unrhymed Fiverse: Poem of Five Lines] Poem KingofWords heaven and hell Jan 26th
You and the Moon [Fiverse: Poem of Five Lines] Poem KingofWords You and the Moon Jan 26th
To Write Poem Sky 2 Jan 26th
শর্ত! [অন্ত্যমিলবিহীন পাঁচপদী কবিতাঃ ফাইভার্স] Poem KingofWords শর্ত Jan 26th
বেদনার সুর [অন্ত্যমিলবিহীন পাঁচপদী কবিতাঃ ফাইভার্স] Poem KingofWords বেদনার সুর Jan 26th
Kissing You is Divine [Poetenry: Poem of Ten Lines] Poem KingofWords Kissing You is Divine Jan 26th
Let’s Make Love [Poetenry: Poem of Ten Lines] Poem KingofWords Let’s Make Love Jan 26th
IT'S JUST NICE TO START SOME DAYS WITH A LOVE POEM Poem joy 1 #childinnocence, #love, #lovepoem Jan 26th
ANONYMOUS FREE DRINK Prose fuche_bu 6 #freedrink #anonymous #epiphany Jan 27th
أُنثيان Poem Thanaa_Dervish Jan 27th
نور السمات Poem asaihati Jan 27th
Goodbye Poem Morningglory 11 Jan 27th
Just A Man Poem word_man 4 Jan 27th
عينه علي Poem Thanaa_Dervish Jan 27th
A bud Poem Thanaa_Dervish 1 Jan 27th
قمر Poem Thanaa_Dervish Jan 27th
قطوف Poem Thanaa_Dervish Jan 27th
مريم Poem Thanaa_Dervish Jan 27th
Pressure Poem Morningglory 4 Jan 27th
ساعة رملية Poem Thanaa_Dervish Jan 27th
A mirror Poem Thanaa_Dervish Jan 27th
88Play Poem Miiranda31 Jan 27th
A dew Poem Thanaa_Dervish Jan 27th
A mirror Poem Thanaa_Dervish Jan 27th
The Presents of The Hunt Poem Miiranda31 Jan 27th
Dealing With Confusion Poem allets Jan 27th
And O' we gO. Poem Miiranda31 Jan 27th
Aura Star Poem hitalot879 # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #poetry #Dillon #Dark #love Jan 27th
A Song Of Six Pence Poem allets 2 Jan 27th
HOME Poem joy #home Jan 27th
College Prep Poem allets Jan 27th
The bird's song Poem Thanaa_Dervish Jan 27th
Can You Guess My Name Poem allets Jan 27th
A storm Poem Thanaa_Dervish Jan 27th
وهم Poem Thanaa_Dervish Jan 27th
বাংলা ভাষা Poem shawon1982 Jan 27th
Thought For The Bardic Poet, Talhaiarn Poem Starward 2 Jan 27th
Slingshot Smile Poem Miiranda31 Jan 27th
"Din" Poem DaddyO 1 Jan 27th
"Interdimensional Girl" Part 3 Poem DaddyO 1 Jan 27th
"Interdimensional Girl" Part 2 Poem DaddyO 1 Jan 27th
"Interdimensional Girl" Part 1 Poem DaddyO Jan 27th
To Create Poem allets Jan 27th
Averages And Their Laws Poem allets Jan 27th
Shadowette Poem Miiranda31 1 Jan 27th
اعلم اني Poem asaihati Jan 27th
لو تعيرني منقارك Poem Thanaa_Dervish Jan 27th
احتراق Poem Thanaa_Dervish Jan 27th
آهة Poem Thanaa_Dervish Jan 27th
هزار Poem Thanaa_Dervish Jan 27th
بخفّة Poem Thanaa_Dervish Jan 27th
صيّاد الفراشات Poem Thanaa_Dervish Jan 27th
وقع خطى Poem Thanaa_Dervish Jan 27th
السبّاقة Poem Thanaa_Dervish Jan 27th
Zen Poem LittleLennonGurl 2 Jan 27th
How to Increase your Instagram followers Prose allenoneil Instagram followers Jan 28th
Trump's, Pompeo's, The CIA's and Pentagon's Heinous Treatment Of Venezuela Prose saiom2 Jan 28th
Crimes Of The 5 Republican Injustices On The US Supreme Court Prose saiom2 Jan 28th
Rose Kennedy's Crucifixions Prose saiom2 Jan 28th
Poetic drama queen Poem Morningglory 9 Jan 28th
Breakdown Prose Morningglory 1 Jan 28th
NERVOUS TIC (unrhymed fiverse Poem fuche_bu 2 #nervoustic #traindelay Jan 28th
Settling Debt- Negotiating Repayment Plans with Creditors Poem Isabella 1 debt, Finance Jan 28th
Weather Report Michigan USA Poem allets Jan 28th
Confrontation Poem allets Jan 28th
Mirror Wisdom Poem allets Jan 28th
Not For Sale Poem allets Jan 28th
skindeep Poem unspokenvoice 1 Painless pain Jan 28th
"The Flicker of the Spark" Poem DaddyO Jan 28th
Congrats on 20 Million Shane!! Poem LittleLennonGurl Jan 28th
علمني قلبك Poem asaihati Jan 28th
IT'S NEVER TOO LATE Poem joy #forgiveness, #itsnevertoolate Jan 28th
The Violence In Beekeeping Poem saiom2 Jan 28th
লতা মঙ্গেশকর (জেনারেশন টু জেনারেশন) Poem shawon1982 Jan 28th
Hold Your Breath Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Jan 28th
Subtractive Pains Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Jan 28th
That Which Is Corporeal Poem allets Jan 28th
Murphy Poem wrennie Jan 28th
When You Write A Poem Poem allets Jan 28th
Allow me still Poem thewalkingcloud #sex #pleasure, love, What Is Love Jan 28th
Labotomies Poem saiom2 Jan 28th
ON ELFIN FEET Poem Stephen 3 Jan 28th
War Poem winstonorange 2 war rage battle humanity black blood red Jan 29th
A Mosaic Of Sorts Poem allets Jan 29th
Better Dead than Red Poem EventHorizon 1 Jan 29th
REGGAE LILT Poem fuche_bu 2 #reggaelilt #3littlebirds #birdfeeder Jan 29th
+ Tanka Against Despair Poem Starward 8 Jan 29th
Defenses Of Animals Poem saiom2 Jan 29th
The Practicality Of Respiring Poem allets Jan 29th
How Social Workers can help you get rid of Debt Poem Isabella debt, Social Worker Jan 29th
Dealing Successfully with Small Business Debt Poem Isabella business, debt, Loan Jan 29th
What Are Your Options When You Can’t Pay Back Your Loan? Poem Isabella debt, Loan Jan 29th
REALITY definition Poem Miiranda31 Jan 29th
Dead Inside Poem EventHorizon Jan 29th
The Bane and Burden of Existence Poem EventHorizon 2 Jan 29th
In The Night Poem allets 2 Jan 29th
SHE IS LAUGHING TOO Poem joy #death, #Laughter, #sheislaughing too Jan 29th
Yes, I Regret Poem Carl_Halling 2 #Aging #Regret Jan 29th
+ Tanka On A "Titanic" Crisis Poem Starward Jan 29th
Everywher'n Poem wrennie Jan 29th
how do i say good-buye? Poem Cindybucknam2019 3 Jan 29th
For Dilla Poem Sky Jan 29th
Lunch Poem allets Jan 29th
Glue Poem allets Jan 29th
Miracles Poem allets 2 Jan 29th
a maze Poem thewalkingcloud hard love, love, love mistake Jan 29th
اخفض جناحك Poem asaihati Jan 29th
What Renunciation Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Jan 30th
Human Touch Poem baniv 6 #life #lonely #friend #lovers Jan 30th
Feel Love [Haqueian Verse] Poem KingofWords 2 feel Jan 30th
Without Your Thought [Haqueian Verse] Poem KingofWords 2 Without Your Thought Jan 30th
A model Poem Thanaa_Dervish Jan 30th
BEFORE HER Poem joy #beforeher, #love Jan 30th
After Baniv Poem allets Jan 30th
Cellular Call... Poem Miiranda31 2 Jan 30th
I am the Devil Poem RomeonJuliet113 Jan 30th
Process Poem allets Jan 30th
Write It Down Poem allets Jan 30th
I am not scared Poem shilah_sylvester 3 Jan 30th
মায়া আর কায়া [পাঁচপদী কবিতাঃ ফাইভার্স] Poem KingofWords মায়া আর কায়া Jan 30th
অবিরাম চেষ্টা [পাঁচপদী কবিতাঃ ফাইভার্স] Poem KingofWords অবিরাম চেষ্টা Jan 30th
How Much Does It Matter Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Jan 30th
RAT'S ASS Poem fuche_bu 2 #ratsass #compassion Jan 30th
HUMAN PAINTBRUSH Poem fuche_bu 2 #humanpaintbrush #abstractart Jan 30th
She's My Best Friend Poem Cindybucknam2019 1 my best friend means the world to me Jan 30th
I got the man of my dreams Poem Cindybucknam2019 2 Jan 30th
So many years ago Poem Cindybucknam2019 Jan 30th
A Calf Love Crisis Poem Carl_Halling 4 #younglove Jan 30th
Moniker Poem Morningglory 2 Jan 30th
How are You? [Fiverse: Poem of Five Lines] Poem KingofWords 2 How are You Jan 30th
Am Poem Morningglory 2 Jan 30th
A Childlike Soul! [Fiverse: Poem of Five Lines] Poem KingofWords A Childlike Soul! Jan 30th
Solitude Poem shilah_sylvester Jan 30th
Face the real me/us Poem shilah_sylvester 2 Jan 30th
Jimmy, Johnny and Jenny Prose winstonorange 1 homelessness social issues heartbreak death worry struggle love family money Jan 30th
Winter Night Poem lozzamus night, winter Jan 30th
Falsehood Poem allets 2 Jan 30th
Misconstrued Poem allets Jan 30th
Disbelief Poem allets Jan 30th
Rabbit Poem Morningglory 3 Jan 30th
Fear. Trauma. Poem shilah_sylvester 1 Jan 30th
Please remember Poem Morningglory 4 Jan 30th
Beauty of a woman Poem winstonorange 2 women beauty motherhood grief sadness happiness life Jan 30th
My Mother Poem Cindybucknam2019 1 Jan 30th
Humility Poem winstonorange Jan 30th
Rooted Poem Morningglory 1 Jan 30th
Damaged Poem shilah_sylvester Jan 30th
The Great Fairy Tale Poem allets 5 Jan 31st
Anthropocene Poem allets Jan 31st
Still Not Reading Poem allets Jan 31st
Sanctions Poem saiom2 Jan 31st
THAT'S WHAT HIPPIES DO Poem joy 1 #hippies, #love, #peace, #thatswhathippiesdo Jan 31st
Cowhearted Poem saiom2 Jan 31st
Villains Poem allets Jan 31st
Dr. Appointment Poem owlcrkbrg 1 Jan 31st
الظل الثاني والعشرين / ناتالي Poem ثناءدرويش Jan 31st
At a Long Lost Party Poem Carl_Halling # missing you Jan 31st
I'm boring you, (I know!) Poem Coffeepot 1 #365, #hilarity Jan 31st
Midnight Happening Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Jan 31st
Soft Music Poem satishverma 1 # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Jan 31st
Baby, It's Cold Outside! Poem allets 13 Jan 31st
Tonight's tale Poem cassidy Jan 31st