"Interdimensional Girl" Part 3


by Jeph Johnson

She's sexy 

And sexual 

Without worry.  

Enjoys me. 

Enjoys herself.  

Then disappears. 

I once called the phenomenon 

"Comet frequency". 

For if it happened too often 

They'd just be shooting stars 

That burned out 

And never reappeared.

But I've encountered these 

Kinds of butterfly 

Girls before.  

Maybe not this intense 

Or carefree 

Or beautiful. 

But they're out there.  

They're the ones 

Whose wings 

Set off a ripple 

On the horizon 

At the edge of the ocean 

Transforming everything 

In their path 

To quixotic bliss.  

The poet in me 

Just keeps thinking 

How much that rhymes with 

"Chaotic piss."


Author's Notes/Comments: 

2019, for Jessica

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Morningglory's picture

Chaotic piss

That made me chuckle a bit. 'Specially since i been cleaning up a lot of poo and pee from chaotic pups. As well, I use to have a dog named Comet and she was the sweetest of frequencies. 

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