Just A Man




I woke

this morning,

i decided,

i would be great.


i guess,

i awoke to late,

turns out,

i`m just a man.


Dreams of,

a better life,

i`ve always had

but thankful of what i have.


A family that loves me,

an old dog to,

i feel blessed,

to have all of you.


they don`t care,

if i`m rich or poor,or in between,

they all feel,

that i`m pretty keen.


I may never ,

own a yaht,

or a fancy home,

but i can always find the dog a bone.



i have my dreams,

and one day,

they may come true,but until then,.


Take care,

of my family,

the best i can,

and realize,that i`m just a man...



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Sounds like you are a blessed

Sounds like you are a blessed man, Wordman. Great men are grateful men. They don't need to be millionaires because they provide the best they can.

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blessed,lol i don`t know

blessed,lol i don`t know about that

just a poem..thank you for the visit

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There is nothing better than

There is nothing better than knowing your limits. Nice write, xP

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thank you

thank you

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Be A Simple Kind A Man

I listen to that record and the advice of a mom to a son. Taking on too much leads to all kinds of anxiety. Do what you can do and do it well. That's a life. And it's all good. - slc



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well mom gave good

well mom gave good advise,thank you