How Social Workers can help you get rid of Debt

Social workers who have additional financial training in areas such as credit and debt can help people tackle their financial challenges. Certified social workers who have the ability to provide financial counseling services work with various people with the aim of improving their financial situations. They also work privately to help couples and individuals with their finances.

Financial Social Work

  • A financial social worker is aware that lack of finance management skills is just one of many reasons why people may have financial troubles. People also deal with the results of the difficult financial circumstances they experienced while growing up such as bankruptcy, gambling and lack of resources. Financial problems are associated with shame, embarrassment and confidence issues.
  • Financial social work has a solid counseling background that is necessary for helping people recover from the mental and emotional sources of their financial challenges. The social worker has financial training or education to help individuals with the basis aspects of finance.
  • Additional certification for social workers in finance helps people overcome their struggles with money. With the ongoing troublesome economic situation, there are several people who have lost their jobs and are looking for the resources they need to pay rent, utilities and sustain their families.



Hiring Social Workers

The clients that hire social workers may be individuals who have dealt with poverty all their lives or on a long-term basis. Such clients require assistance that will enable them to access resources as well as handling basic financial activities such as budgeting and getting out of debt. Learn about easy debt consolidation here.

Licensed social workers with financial training have the option of running their own private practice. Although their clients may not be dealing with poverty of lack of jobs, they may be people who are struggling with financial problems that range from credit card debt to bankruptcy.

Beyond Financial Counseling

Social workers in finance are often to be compared to financial counselors and financial therapists. They may consult other professionals in the finance industry such as bankers and advisors who can give their clients guidance and provide valuable advice. Speaking with financial professionals is important for people who are not familiar with different aspects of financial life such as opening a savings account.

Social workers emphasize dealing with the underlying issues stop people from managing their resources effectively. While it is important to manage your money and learn the skills to it, many individuals who face financial challenges have underlying problems. This may be an addiction to gambling or someone who feels that they can never prosper financially and enjoy a comfortable life. Social workers who deal with financial issues are trained to assist people with such issues.



Couples and Financial Issues


Different attitudes towards money management can result in financial problems for couples. One person may make it impossible for their partner to spend money and this can lead to large bills from credit cards to cater for the children’s needs. The combination of a social worker who is available to help and a couple that is willing to sort out financial differences can effectively resolve money issues. 

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