I think it was beautiful

It fills me with awe

Everything i have seen

and everything i saw


The scope of the pattern

Stretched from now to know

All at once beheld

as a tv show


My mind cannot contain

everything that was

It came away broken

Effected by truths cause


I call it being everywher'n

A most painful state of mind

When my bubble did collapse

Under the stress most unkind


It was an in ploasion

That took me to the stars

I understood eternity

written as memoirs


I saw my fate laid before me

saw my lives in the past

Met all sorts of beings

but the pleasure did not last


I was on a certain mission

To bring god to account

For my life and everything

That in his mane amounts....


It was rage that fueled me


So when i did meet him

I spat in his eye!  

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