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Another Page is Turned

I'd rather learn from one bird how to sing
than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance

all of life will be a trance to radiate good time to bake a cake

to live to learn another page is turned

Monet In Pink

Void of explosive wires spread one accord explode

vanquished to its terms explode charm well missed

light through the load well spent affair

long is for near mercy explode it's faint

true heart rehearsal quit the furnishing;

the poetry...explode with commodity...

the sky is dull side ways pant with a cloth

the train signals a hearty applause

neat tide...


personification to plunge in an escape

Monet in pink closed in cement

rapture is for lovers...

climax bellow the bricks wedge in sticks

burdened with an excursion

hole with sneakers

the smell of creatures


flood the ancient bar

giving dull nature in a car

breath deep...breath deep..stand still & repeat

Burn Your Bra

Burn Your Bra


toss to the sde

run away to hide

easy way design

flip flop design

Dig Beauty For Ashes




everday we sort of cross paths


no use going back...


Side swipe used to plea


for a job lay old due to traffic


ancient manner cash


come back to me black


this mountain I must climb




my dogs in the book


other dog lay hold in the swamp


lay a hold of the night


sends a challenging fright


no digging needs to heal


I look to the sea




reflections are the way we used to be..?


little apples big fruit


need a different episode


keep it all in


where do I begin again


My Sweet Cynthia

My Sweet Cynthia

One foot on the floor one hand on the wheel
The notion of surprise maybe no big deal
We came this far not to turn back now
No use looking back when your hands on the plow
Shadows drift apart at the drop of the dime

Folding hands to forget the night,
When at night I close my eyes,
to think all the days gone by,
to feel again those passions past,
and feeble joy that never lasts,

I'm always drawn to thoughts of you, my only love my Cynthia
I think I found you in a dream,
the night I pressed beyond the seam,
where fantasy and reality meet

in summer mist so soft and sweet,
But you were all I ever felt, my deepest love, my Cynthia
But dreams just last within the night, when morning came,
Her soul took flight

I awake to find Her never there
She passes like the misty air
To leave me longing and alone, my painful love,
my Cynthia

Enigma love you swell the heart,
to crush the same when lovers part
But whether love and joy you bring
or bitter pain and Death's cold sting

I plead you come to me again, my final love,
My Cynthia
Oh Cynthia, I wait for thee
  My heart, my soul belong to thee,
'Twas always thee that carried me
To where the Seraphs sang and we
Upon a lyre and a song
We sang along, we sang along.

A wordless tune entwined by hearts
A promise that we'd never part
The four wind blew their magic breath
Beyond the reach of Mr. Death
May flowers speak to me in mime
Oh Cynthia,  I'm always thine.
                ***Always ***




nursed by the child like plow
the bitter sower to shower
every word to be chard


Since there's nothing I could find
That was worth giving you,
I sat down to think a while
And write a line or two

If I had a magic wand
I'd wave it just for you,
And give you anything you'd like
No matter how many or few

If I could give you back the years
You so willingly gave to me
I'm sure that you spend them over again
The same as they used to be

Remember when those days and nights
Instead of going to the fair
I'd always say tell me again
The story of the three little bears

I tried to get a strawberry pie
But they were out of season
Then I thought of gold or pearls
But knew there was no reason

Although you are so often quiet
There's one thing we can say,
You will always be our momma of pearls
forever and a day...

So here's your gift; my sweet momma
My heart; my soul; my love,
My gift to you this Christmas day
Came strictly from above


Charm to Harm

what do I see a belly looking back at me

traffic in catastrophe live in longevity

make music with my mind casting from behind

noise pollution to be found with a yawn

just to make believe in your heart;

loose to pull some teeth climax with a sheet

look out my window with a smile

just to know a great while

burning bridges across the river Nile;

charmed to cope in the ivory scope

thin minds rob the roof so blind

charm to harm

Look Ahead

Look Ahead

to lift one's heart long to impart the search within
Champion shortage long for love;

look ahead
no breath toward devil's peak

to share a reason to believe
stronger & stronger

replace the meek
stay tuned at the weak

look ahead
better then dead

we climb each freedom ring
people, peace & swing

look to each porch swing
caress from the ridge

love is in the presence
long for many spots

do it all over again starting on Monday