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Search Within



seek within


the preermise to attain


through a Hollywood dream


dig deeper then ever before


another door bell rings


monitor the swing


little kids got the system


through a fragrance to appease


happy is a shallow notive prerssed in & out


blame, bitch & pout


the wires to focus




searching again


my faithful friend to depend


yesterdays swing


fall to the swing,


fragrance to the surface of the wind


bask in the vast expanse between power & love


double dipping transpired the super


Poetry At It's Best

The poetry is just an excuse to hide the forceful advertising and the pay to post policies integrated and pushed by the owner of the site. In more than one occasion I had to stop payments from my credit card directed from AP and the only justification from the owner was "you can cancel anytime".

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If I tell you too much, you'll just be overwhelmed and won't see the pananorama of all its bells and whistles.

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Linger On

outside we must diss us to form a new brand of circus rejoice in us

memories fade in me the coast is clear from sleeve to sleeve,

the perfect melody leave come along with me you see

charts of  puree in the dull to sleep


love is formation spread across its bacon

love s the finest from him to dine with us]

bring on the noise we care bout the cause

freshest of late..,


longing lest it belonging

shaped clear behold the minutes to go

minutes to gain left formidable to see

left through the sonic flames


straight in the hurry of ever closer structure,]

my quest is to be a little bit older

very good in its helm partner

love is king


still smart as the wood

linger on...

Rocking Horse



a plate of fries left dangling on a woden sofa


building bridges to be no more


you waited for me in a harvest of exploits


the Boogy Man came to whistle in my ear


to let go of any inhibition


back in my stocking drawer


left hope to nothing more


move to soon'




onto the beating door


my mind was playing tricks on me


sought for further relief


the impulse toward addiction




so I sought for freedom


mercy felt on me


to egnite my flame of dire stockings


to willow in the ardent branch




promote the cause of freedom


the stained archer to yesterdays swell


some seek each day as a guest in hell


shows block the in between


Aura Star

I love post poems

Aura Star

beneath the rubble throughout
tumble thimble want to bee
sought through of curtain wanna be
circle through the defiance years to see
pudding in the cup just wait and see
there look at parting vestibules in there distance
I exist as a vapor then I am no more

yesterday is a given day today we seek not be this way
chosen in the vast amber to the knowledge we need to gain
labor in the sun have a bit of fun...,
chose the distance begin to run
Aura star take you very far
the horse will explain,
such as the Willow tree

distant to believe
parting of the leaves
in every source to believe
shake dreams from your hair.my innocent one
chose the day to have a bit of fun
Aura Star...

ice with snow feelings swept you ought to know
today I stand as a merchant swept in the Tumble Bee
chase past the trees quest to believe
look to the beauty one last time
arm be with harmony given one last time

Over The Woods

Over The Woods

A cottonwood surfaces in the reservoir
It uproots itself with the breath it has held

since the river rose over the woods
It rolls with life in the slap of waters

Trout swim between pines, the fly fisher
whips the lake and the lines

dropped from barely moving boats
tie men to calm spring canyon

Conjunction Junction What's Your Function





your poem throws me right into a nostalgia for it. The title of the poem alone captivates the reader and by the time one reaches the end of your beautiful verse, one feels the prairie in one's pocket. Simple down-to-earth images of "turkey", "rusty plumes" and "that other earth" in the poet's mind are not only powerful, but add a sense of humor, including that of carrying the earth in your pocket, which is part of your mindset. In fact, the poem does not only seed the earth inside the poet's mind, but, indeed, in the minds of his readership. Which is what a great poem does. The poet's exceptional craftsman is attributable to the subtlety, simplicity and imagery which make the verse flow and speak for itself :










today I exist through a heros twist paid fully to resist


inside of me grips the portion of sullen apathy...




Cuba is getting a bit colder after Castro took over


the in tuned harmony to its hidden beast reality




shelter through the leaves


taking over as you please




each haunted day we beg to borrow the need to pray...


fashionable Michelle Obama




silent through a fixture plain from deep enough to take over inside


conjunction junction what's your function




bargain basement blues


the set of Huey Lewis & The News,


a bunch of sprinkled dust scattered through the wind


late night bid in cell block 9 in prison,




those were the days getting caught in a purple haze


spot a high five to humbly keep your faith alive,


shadows break way from the frenzy within


Will You

Control (2018)

I told you not to go

Then you went

When will you come back

When you told me 

You won't return

Beautiful Jesus Christ

Beautiful Jesus Christ

My hands raised high

All for you as

My heart speaks in

The tongue of your


I give myself to

You everday

Baptize me in your


As the calm waters

Of the heavens 

Reach out and ran

Down on me your