Trump's, Pompeo's, The CIA's and Pentagon's Heinous Treatment Of Venezuela

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Jorge Arreaza foreign minister of Venezuela spoke to the UN re US CIA destabilization and coups directed at Venezuela, Cuba, Guatemala, Honduras, Chile, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua etc On UN TV (& CSpan 6:30 AM EST Jan 28 2019)
The foreign minister Arreaza said that Trump withdraws troops from Afghanistan while he is plotting yet another war against Venezuela. (Trump may define himself as a lover of peace. Why has he appointed such hawks to the Pentagon?)
Since the CIA's founding it has targeted socialist leaders of Central and Latin America. In 1954 Kermit Roosevelt and CIA removed Guatemalan leader. In 1973 Kissinger coordinated murder of Allende, democratic leader of Chile, as part of Chilean destabilization.
What was Venezuela's crime? Hugo Chavez sold gas at 3 cents a gallon to
Venezuelans. Pompeo and Trump, pawns of petroplutocracy, are continuing the crucifixion of Venezuela. Loanshark warmongering capitalism is the modus operandi of our govt. All Citgo gas stations were illegally seized from Venezuela by the US government and given to Canadian billionaire
Alain Bouchard owner of Alimentation Couche-Tard who renamed them Circle K stations. Recently John Bolton who wrote while in the State Dept the lies alleging yellowcake WMD materials has been plotting to send 5000 troops to Colombia while the CIA has been plotting a coup against Maduro in Venezuela. Greed for Venezuelan oil and opposition to socialist governments are the driving force behind our government's violence.

WBUR Boston host asked Robert Kennedy Jr why his charity for the New England poor took hundreds of millions in fuel oil from Venezuela he ran. He asked her if she could name a single US oil co. (or for that matter, BP, Shell, ) which had given any charity.
She did not respond.

Simon Bolivar, hero of S American who freed its countries from Spain, was not helped by the US which secretly helped Spain oppose him.


Venezuelan leader Maduro has reciprocal food arrangements with Cuba, which the Venezuelans trust. They don't trust the CIA which has been involved in destabilization and/or invasions of Cuba, Nicaragua, Honduras, Chile, Venezuela, Guatemala etc.

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