A Crime Storey

365 challenge

















!                 !

   b a s e m e n t



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hehe whodunnit?? 

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I'm boring you, (I know!)

365 challenge


The colours of my suitcases are fascinating,

a hooley on hilarity,

Dragging my dramas

from mountain til hilltop,

I can tell by the width of your eyes

And the familiar girth

between your ears

I should unchain them,

then watch them sink.

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Remembering is a bitch.

365 challenge



is a past tense,

but this  endless exorcism

working through today

is wearing any forgetting away.

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No 108 exorcism  a fiverse

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365 challenge


An Ulsterman once stood in a river,

he was obviously a taker an' no giver,

For try as he might,

the fish wouldn't bite,

but could he surrender?,' No Niv-ver!'




There once was a woman in the water,

where Jaws was known to slaughter,

Though she swam for her life,

like when butter meets the knife,

his teeth made quick work when he caught her!

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Brim'd Stoned

365 challenge



Ribbed moth,

soft, soft


Boomeranged time

mine, mine


Bitching light,

bite, BITE!


Crushin' scrub,

brim'd stone,


Proned face,

safe, safe.



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The Difference Lies Within

365 challenge

In all the shades of clouds of man,

that innocuously transverse this land,

gladsome in empty worry,

no hurtle, hustle, lust or scurry,

‘til a deepening darkening

      cumulous roars:

And from under uniformed cover,

     crouched and kneeled,

in the dirty end of an unwashed field,

their valoured pin is bored; revealed.


And as the other shades melt away,

those scourged, steeled, armed for the fray,

lie sectioned in their roulette line,

praying for gold in a diamond mine,

  And harms a game

   like thrown dice;

No rules of form.

For only the hardness felt within,

the jagged price of their driving pin,

Wields those clouds, towards their win.

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Inculcating under Your breath

365 challenge


Its His beginning,

Strengthening green in jumping winds,

Once more, reminding.


A blossom-mous May,

Sings afore the summer heat,

In rainbow timbres.


Fall-ing in the end,

Lips winter, in-drawing again,

To learn, to know, Him.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Back at it with the 365 Inculcating

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Someone Must Go First

365 challenge

My name I signed to what,

I thought was very just,

Only now I’ve come to realise,

That someone must go first.


Whether dropping from the sky,

Or simply drilling in a line,

The horrors of it all, I know,

Truly falls on those behind.


When we go to take a hammering,

It seems as if all of us are cursed,

Though we all have got our numbers,

We know someone must go first.


Bullets, shells, bombs and mines,

In pure unpleasantness we’re immersed,

And yet, we forget it all following,

The someone that goes first.


My eyes are wide,

My vision clear,

I’ll do what’s called of me,

To carry forth,

This thing called war,

For then a soldier ‘s someone I will be.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

something that came about from thinking of valour for a creative writing class

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Valour is a Given

365 challenge



OFF! UP! Dust is rising,

Raging, rusting,

in the impending doom, ladled

under hand, firmly under the Indy hats,

and their brambled brush scars…

                You’ve run your tongue past,

                a hundred times and some,

Bravely going : Bravely doing


A heavy soldiered stagger,

stronger, stronger unlike any other,

Arrogance, so fought and shook,

temeritously against the shroud,

as courage bore what honour bound.

                You’ve felt the grip of history,

                a hundred times and some,

Brave goes : Brave does


Loyally striving for the life worth living,

STOP! Stop! Dust is failing,


Downing Indy hats, now beret caps,

Bowed emblems bear the barren gaps,

found in the dotted line,

As right from the off,

Valour is a given.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

365 challenge valour

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