Rose Kennedy's Crucifixions


With her husband Joseph P Kennedy
Rose Kennedy had 9 children. Only 3 of
her children (Eunice, Pat and Jean) escaped violence.
Her husband was unfaithful to her
  in relationships with movie star
  Gloria Swanson and others.
1 Her eldest son Joe was killed by Hitler's army.
2 Kathleen was killed in a plane crash.
3 Rose Marie (Rosemary) was born mentally challenged. Her brain was destroyed by a lobotomy which had been arranged by her father.
4 John F Kennedy was assassinated by operatives of
  Allen Dulles of the CIA. He had told others that after his reelection he would abolish the CIA and the Federal Reserve, and end the Vietnam war.

5 Robert F Kennedy, US attorney general, was assassinated
   by operatives of Richard Helms of the CIA working with J Edgar Hoover of the FBI.

6 Rose's grandson John F Kennedy Jr was in a plane crash in which he also was murdered along with his wife and sister in law. Caroline Kennedy, his sister, was told that the scheduled pilot of her husband's plane trip was mysteriously called off the day
7 Rose's youngest son Edward M Kennedy was involved in a plane crash arranged by Allen Dulles operatives in 1964. He survived with a broken back and was hospitalized for several months. 2 other men on the plane died. When Nixon was president and Ted Kennedy was a senator, Nixon, Kissinger, John Dean, E Howard Hunt and others arranged to frame Senator Kennedy at Chappaquiddick. On the 1973 Nixon tapes John Dean is heard to say to Nixon "If Ted knew the bear trap he was walking into in Chappaquiddick.... Howard (E Howard Hunt) is up there arranging things." Hunt and Frank Sturgis were seen in Martha's Vineyard the fateful weekend.
On page 121, White House Tapes Paperback Edition, published by New York Times

4 plane crashes harmed Rose Kennedy. 3 killed their victims.
1 nearly did.
Intelligence operative says Ted Kennedy did not realize Mary Jo Kopechne was
asleep in the back seat.

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