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I love to write just about everything. I don’t have one set theme I like to stick to. If the mood hits, I will write something erotic. Yet if I want to write something sad or depressing, or at least to me it is; I will listen to music and draw from that pain. I’ve wrote about death, and in cases I would use myself as the character that is telling the story.

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My navel is a party place waiting to happen!!

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I love to bake. It’s also very therapeutic just as much as writing is. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, on my darkest days they are what keeps me going. I know this sounds like a cliche but it’s true, I absolutely love spending time with my 3 year old Lhasa Apso/ Yorkie Terrior. He is the best dog ever! Yes I’m biased. :) One of my favorite songs is “Fear” by Blue October. When I find myself getting afraid or worried I think of these lines “Fear in itself will use you up and break you down like you were never enough. I used to fall but now I get back up”. Because if you knew my past then you would know, that I always get back up!


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