Passive Voice


I am only still here

cause I can’t leave

you hear me tell you

yes exactly what you’re doing

when I haven’t opened my mouth


tell me

how did I learn to lie like that

do I fit it to me

or do I mold myself to it

curling into discomfort

like my favorite shape

saying don’t worry

next time it will be easier

to bend instead of break


I am still here

half a human with a messy heart

unopened and still floating

simply living with the things that are done to me

remembering every shark

when it whispers by my shoulders

before I realize I’m drowning again


I like to call myself

a strong one

until the sun falls at my feet

and I refuse to get burned

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 8/16/21

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Her little head has a lot of imaginations,

From all the experiences she went through.

All the ups and downs,

She remained strong and happy.


No matter how hard he broke her,

She kept her head high

And focused at what matters most.

She’s like a soldier,

Brave, strong and resourceful.


Even if she has her friends and family,

She wants to be

That strong independent woman


No man will ever make her weak.

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My Love

I love you...
And I don't know what to say to you
I'm scared
I don't know what you think of me
I'm afraid of putting myself out there
To be rejected again
I may be Superman on the outside
But inside?
I'm afraid of letting you down
Of not being there for you
Of not being enough for you
Of leaving you to fight your own battles
I know you're capable
But I love fighting them with you
Of supporting you
Of loving you
And I don't know...
Maybe I feel inadequate
Like you're worth so much more than I am
I think you are
I've messed up so many times before
I don't know how to act around you
But until you tell me
I'll continue to be brave
I won't be afraid of fighting for you
I think you're worth it
I'll step out
Take a leap of faith
Because I don't want to lose you
To lose my greatest treasure and my best friend
To the unknown.
I hope you know this already
But if not here it is:
Honestly and truly,
I Love You.


Its all about sex
Its all about drugs
Its all about money
and all about the thugs
Its all about popularity
Its all about the clique
Its all about fitting in
Its all about shit
Its all about style
Its all about fame

To me its all fucking lame
These stupid trends
and trying to fit in
Trying to look like her
Trying to be like him
Putting others down will make you win

Its all about looks
not what's within
These shallow people
Have no sense of humor
All they have are "twins"

Well, I don't want to be like her
I don't want to act like him
Just being myself,
You all act like its a sin

I may not be a saint
I may not be in style
All I know is
we are only here for a while
So I'm gonna live life the way I want
And they cant get in my way
I am gonna go astray

I may get shoved around
but that wont stop me
I will pick myself off of the ground
and keep on walking

Its my life and I'll live the way I want
I'll never give up
because I know that's what you want
So screw you
I don't like you anymore
Your face is such an eye sore

Its my life and I'll live the way I want
I'll never give up
because I know that's what you want

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Dream Big


please, chase your fate
  and do be brave
as though it is
   the latest step
that you can take
   on here and there
because it's fair
   and you may dare...
the life is story of some soul
  and audacity of men
   who had once dared to
   chase their fate
 will speak for them
  and will inspire
 the other mate to hit the gate...
the gate is way to catch
  the light
which grant you wings
  and ease the strain
so that the life becomes
 your aim to feel the joy
to love your friends
  and day by day
    to chase your fate...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Shumakho Kumykov.

Feel free to comment and criticize. 


I am not native, so don't be strict wink

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