Theme Based Poems

They look up at the sky but I aim for da prize so I look down into u ; & thats wen I lose // born on separate planets but I share da same view // baby I flew so close to ur heart that I hate to see us be apart // & I kno u feel da same // becuz baby I always hear u praying // wen I'm out saving da day // I always give into faith // knowing justice will prevail & knowing ur my only female // & father said da big red planet was my source of energy but ur the main reason why I feel free // both my strength & my weakness who wud of known // da truth is out // da truth has been shown // my enemies kno so they abuse what they see // who wud of guess this thing rest inside of me // who wud of known that this love cud be da end of me // my second source of weakness // my krptinite heart // now that I kno // I have to be smart // making sure that ur fine isn't enough // becuz da next time this happens I can't take it as a bluff // everyday there's a chance for danger // so for now I have to be that stranger // I carry da world on my shoulders but always remember I will always carry u in my heart // to da day that we hear death to us part // but for now I cannot be ur man // at least until the day this world doesn't need superman.


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