Symphony No.#Unknown

Piano keys, striking cords...the pianist in a
world of his own.
The audience is silent enjoying the beautiful
music and harmony in creation...
A settling in the heart leaves no worries;
the sounds that echo throughout the hall is
remedy for the mind, spirit, and soul...
It rejuvenates the inner child, when
innocence was abundant, and sins dormant.
Violins harping, trumpets blowing, soul
soothing music...
The composer guiding his musicians with
every movement of his hands and body; a
new verse is created in harmony with
discipline and unison...
The music is relaxing enough that the rich
are burning joints in the crowd, they puff,
puff, pass, puff again, and give like it is
Christmas in the summer...
The grand finale is next, the audience goes
wild in cheer, composer takes a vow.
Roars, some of us are barking; the high
rollers, zig-zags...
The show must go on....Encore!!!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Life is music; learn how to play the right tunes.

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A Cruel Reality

a cruel reality - money fame & lust
They claim to be victims in a system of society,
young men raised to have women in variety,
cash makes you dope
and fame gives you power,
this is the good life
we make it rain like a shower
Tantalized by roundness,
with infuriating competition,
distilled by failure,
and fulfilled by culminations
but enthralled by illuminations,
figures of a seductive silhouette
but can't see it's the body of Satan
derailing the minds complexity,
but enthralled by her tongue, Latin
strange woman,
she hangs on em
and preys on em,
with a kiss
she kills Adams' descendants
so they develop vixen disconnect,
and establish cash flow,
becoming constituted to their dinaros
as Esteem becomes routine,
confiscating under table hooks,
while praising adulterous tendencies
and accommodating diablo looks
Until your face becomes a painting in Picaso's book, disfigured
a snare straight through your liver
dysfunctions force reflection, go figure
the cruel reality,
lust made'em suspect
emerging like a rose from the concrete, Shakur,
and now scientology invested, for respect
took more shots than the wild wild west
they told her,
her only assets where her legs and her chest
so at night she couldn't rest unless a man was in the nest,
One day it finally led to an arrest
the cruel reality
the money fame & lust became dust, twin towers

By David Johnson & Jeremy Baker

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Jeremy and I play a game called word play and this is what we came up with. He does a line, then I do a line and we keep going till we feel we're done. Enjoy!

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No Ultimatum

Were in 2012

Where some believe the devil dwells

And the end is near

Or is it just more propaganda to spread fear

And encourage more conspicuous consumption

The government always looking for a way to sell something

And controls mind

Hidden behind

A veil of contempt and greed

However my warnings of the impending danger the people will never heed

Deaf ears to the truth guess that's just what the devil needs

For people to un-initially commit evil deeds

Long ago the dark one sowed his apocalyptic seed

Now he is here with a crooked smile and an open hand ,reaching for his ill gotten goods

Only if the mass would pay attention ,and at least act like they understood

Naw but he's doing and she's doing logical fallacies a bad excuse for your vice

Theres no good or morality, I'm not perfect but do offer advice

Not an ultimatum but maybe you should try to get to know the lord our Christ

Well at least if you value your life ?

No more your internal spirit

Just because you aren't listing doesn't mean you wont hear it

If thinks thing are bad you haven't seen nothing yet

From what I hear there are things worst then death

I know you don't want to hear me say this

But you should know nothing can be forced upon you it always your choice like Janus

Being kind or committing acts that are quite hanus

Sorry I don't know any other way to explain it

Any way i just open the door, as you no theres no place for my voice

Remember No Ultimatum, now matter what any says its Your Choice.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The pendulum swing and time wines down , what will be your choice .Will you go up or go down

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i got a message today...

Third eye

wow so many visitations
I barely slept through the night
so much with the transit going on tonight
I got so sore in my mind and my soul
was touched to tatters with all the beings
begging for the words to tell what mattered

I told them all after some sleep I would mend
and be back to hear thier requests again
but one would not cease and begged the end of the world
the message would not come though the calling would
and try as I might message was not understood
the curtains picked up and swirled around
cups toppled over and books slamed to the ground

the eerie feeling I knew was there and I knew
I had to find my wits and prepare.
the key to the cabinet flung on to the floor
finally the first clue I put the key in the door
i opened the files and looked all through
and found nothing i could find of value

I waited and sat in the dark cool air and as
the tempreture dropped I was well aware
the lamp switched on and under the light
bulb flickering something was there in sight
the thing was a time sheet for some games
and I sort of got the message and some names

I had begun the message to recieve
I had a clue of what it must be
the person handing out these, I did not trust
and had had problems with in the past.
the paper curled up with a breeze
that should not have come with ease
it fell to the floor where my son's boot was
it curled into the shinpad and settled there as;

I thought okay the problems there
her partner had swore at my son at training
and issues I notified with care in saying
little did I know information she was gathering.
I braced my self and the computer flickering
and went to see the log in.
I recieved an email with a formal approach
though I had never in person been approached

line after line delineating an attack on my personage
unfounded un educated and ridiculous charges such as being loud?
since when has being yelling encouragement over a crowd ever been too loud?
swearing at others was another false accusation
the small minded messageners had no Idea
who they were trying to take on my dear
and as being in the position earilier and
ratified I told the other person on my side
who later put in the perfect response.

And I have done nothing but look at the
wall with my grandmothers photo cookedly hung
I went and straightened it and quietly said
thanks gram mum.

I am going to help out at the clubs biggest function of the year,
and watch those idiots choke on their bad atmosphere.
I do it for the banner of the red and white
and will continue for the kids who need someone
on their side with insight.
I will do it for the community and good persons
I will do it all right for all the right reasons
and let the inept continue to drown in their
own spite when trying to show their meagre
self inflated might.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

God justifies. The Universe will bow to the integrity of love.

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The Gods Of Man

They didn't come here on purpose, they didn't come for our salvation or our destruction.
There was no divine plan; no grand intervention.
When they came, they were just as lost in the void as we were;
floating around in the vacuum like a speck out in an ocean of of nothingness;
searching, hoping, and praying to their gods something would be just over the horizon.
Two alien worlds met that year; we were changed forever.

ShortVerse #6

"Soon all your monies will turn to ash before your eyes. Your dimonds will turn to dust within your hands and all the gold and jewels around your neck will tarnish and fade before long. The only true value is what the weight of your soul is worth."


Saw God

.............Saw God today, asked if he would stay and chat. To sit and rap, asked him about the other day and what he would say. He smiled and put his hand to my shoulder. "Today my son, your 24 hours older. The gift of life is that you live, the beauty is that you don't even need to believe." Today my God, spoke to me. In a world of darkness I can still see, where hope becomes a treasured thing in a world of curelity kindness reveals it's beauty. That life, good or bad is a dream some wished they had.......

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wanted to dedicate this short piece to all those who had lost someone long before their time. Many of us forget how lucky we really are to get to expierence this ride we know as life.

Psycho- Confessions "A Psychological Confession"

Psycho- Confessions: A Psychological Confession
Authored by Matthew Wayne

List Price: $10.00 (!!!SALE!!!)
6" x 9" (15.24 x 22.86 cm)
Black & White on Cream paper
250 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1466426245 (CreateSpace-Assigned)
ISBN-10: 1466426241
BISAC: Psychology / Emotions


Psycho- Confessions;
My Anthology of poems, literature, tangents and journal entries going as far back as 10+ years. Most of what is found here can be found on my webpage, (http://www.postpoems.org/authors/damienhaze)

CreateSpace eStore: https://www.createspace.com/3705038


I believe in the conscious attempt at better understanding who we are, that at the very core of every atom there is energy, there is empty space, there is potential for limitless possibilities, and that is where miracles are born.

“Gaze upon the fire of a star, to become lost within it's halo. To know heaven, to see the gamma ray and to feel the vibrational energy as it courses around us, through us. To experience love in a world of brutality where the earth becomes the devil's playground through the minds and hearts of man”


'Crimson Sunset' – Unknown written date.
“I feel compelled to write, so I write. It's ironic seeings how writing even if it's just notes, or completed sonnets they are my only true form of expression, I write what I see and what I feel. Many great authors and poets have done the same. I often write before I think, sometimes I get lost to my emotions so deep in thought I don't know what I have wrote until I look it over. Awhile back ago I decided to keep a journal. Now looking back on it, over the hastily scribbled words I see the emotions of a madman, a hopeless romantic, a lost dreamer and even an angry citizen. I ranted on and on about the most trivial stuff, yet at that moment in my life they were the highest of my priorities. I cannot help but pity my own past, and I am not fond of that, for to feel pity on another is to stab the already rusted knife that much deeper into the fool's chest. An added insult which never finds home in any situation. I could never figure out or understand why I felt like my writing could infest a person's mind. Like a plague it opens a gateway to an infectious cancer. Manipulating the readers mind, the harvester to a black death. Where I become my own demon.
It may sound selfish however, I must state that I write for myself alone, not for the readers who happens across this passage. No I would encourage them to write, and write for themselves never for another's pleasure. I hold no regrets in the way I live my life for that matter, and will apologize to no one for breathing the air.”

“Blood flows like oil,
Killing our mother, polluting our soil
Insanity runs wild, with stupidity on the rise
our addiction to violence will be our demise.
War, famine, and greed
losing our humanity like a disease
Death becomes second nature,
determined to bring forth our rapture
a myth we are trying to usher”

I - Overture

II – My Seventh Level

III – Confessions of a Madman
(journal Entries)

IV – A Notion of Thoughts
(Editorials – Commentaries)

V – Random Madness

VI – A Pathological Muse
(Sonnets - Poetry)

VII – Serenity

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is just a tease to try and tempt you into getting the book which is my best work in my opinion. I have lowered the price as far as I can without taking a hit to my own pocket. I am not looking to make money off this book, as it's a collection of basicly my very soul. I have time to make money later, and can ;) but if you can afford it I would recommend you grab a copy and enjoy....

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An Empire of Ash

An Empire of Ash
(Within a land of Dreams)

“We are the mighty Trojans behind our wall,
watching and waiting for the day it will fall.”

Our empire is massive, an envy to the world to behold. Massive in its beauty and ugly in its strength. The men and women who build it's great army which will be remembered in history throughout the centuries are our brothers, and our sisters. They represent the foundation, the mortar to the wall. We have been taught to believe that democracy is the only and right course of action, the “moral” choice of politics, and while true for the most part, a society cannot thrive within a mob rule. To promote these values with force also as if adding salt to an already infected gash.
This is not the country I was born and raised in, twisted and corrupted I no longer recognize the land in which my forefathers had settled and established. These fields of green now elude me and the ground has become foreign. Laws written in code to fool the simple mind, absurd and yet like clock work drones upon drones of mindless sheep step in line to get their daily dose of 'bullshit'.

This world and it's inhabitants have grown strange, to me and mine. Feeling as if sanity has been lost to the madness like a disease spreading viral by glance. Backwards logic fooled by the twisting of words, snaking your perception by deceit. Slithering into the minds of those asleep or still dreaming. They will wake, staring down the barrel of chaos as their nightmares pull the trigger. Finding yourself lost within the proverbial forest. So much is wrong, in this reality. We can feel it, we can see it, and we can sense it on all levels of morality. A bad trip, a bad ego, drama within a coma.

Do I, through these eyes of perception truly see this world any differently?
That deep down I am screaming this is wrong, the whole paradigm is wrong?
When its all said and done, and I am dead. Will I be the one who looked mad?


“Take me to Valhalla, pin me to the world tree Yggdrasil.
So that I may understand the truth, allowing my mind to see
past the lies and deceptions, the myths and the legends.
The shadows to the sciences of the godless.
String me up next to Odin, as I witness the understanding of conscious
thought, the meaning and value behind the eyes knowledge.”


Watch as the world you knew falls to ashes, dust to an illusion so grand, so mysterious.
Like snow on a battlefield where two sides clashes, How does one understand that god is us?
We act like children who just lost their guardian, so much hate thrives in your blood, bitter to the taste
We have became blinded by our own sin, how far we have fallen from our own beautiful grace.

Walk with me, in this garden of dreams. Share with me the sent of all possibilities.
Shaping our future to change our fate, a chapter to be written by what we create.
What if it were all just a dream, that the true illusion is us just being.
On the quantum level death is but an overture, for we are all born from a star.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This has been a two day project, was hoping to have if finished last night but just couldnt stay awake. These are some of my views on current as well as past tends. My feelings towards current events, and the like.

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