The Serpent's Soul

Volume Three

“The Serpent's Soul”

“Let my heart open up to a brand new world
Close your eyes and sleep, dream and never let go”

To cast my soul into the great beyond,
There must be a sacrifice to be had.
Dirty politicians who lie out of their head
like rockstars and pornstars who share the same bed.
Dinning on the delicacy of fish eggs.
Then feel my hand slowly slide up your legs,
with a subtle odor of death that lingers in the air
As my fingers tangle within your hair.
Everything you once loved dies tonight,
There is no tunnel. There is no light
and I can taste those forbidden desires on your lips
and I thirst, no hunger for the truth behind that kiss.
To long for casting my thoughts adrift.
With the stars, in the heavens,
yet the only spices who constructs weapons
intent to murder with a simple smile,
Then attend church with their bible.
When the flesh rots away to expose the sin,
just baptize the lies, and start once again.

Rats lost in a maze, chased by the hydra.
Beasts hide in sheep skin, demons from within.
Love it or leave it,
There is a soul within you too believe in.
A conscious thought born in the primordial,
ripped through the stars in the universe
Just to settle down and give this body a soul.
Take me to the edge of reality,
make me understand the reasons behind the insanity.
The chaos and paradox, That is our “Goldilocks”
and when I die, I will cast my soul towards the stars.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

So umm yeah, I honestly did not see this one coming until it was finished. So my writers block is slowly coming back down, just maybe my stars are once again aligning :D hope you enjoy

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Kiddo's picture

Wonderfully Written

It flowed beautifully. I loved everything about it. I never get tired of it!