An Empire of Ash

An Empire of Ash
(Within a land of Dreams)

“We are the mighty Trojans behind our wall,
watching and waiting for the day it will fall.”

Our empire is massive, an envy to the world to behold. Massive in its beauty and ugly in its strength. The men and women who build it's great army which will be remembered in history throughout the centuries are our brothers, and our sisters. They represent the foundation, the mortar to the wall. We have been taught to believe that democracy is the only and right course of action, the “moral” choice of politics, and while true for the most part, a society cannot thrive within a mob rule. To promote these values with force also as if adding salt to an already infected gash.
This is not the country I was born and raised in, twisted and corrupted I no longer recognize the land in which my forefathers had settled and established. These fields of green now elude me and the ground has become foreign. Laws written in code to fool the simple mind, absurd and yet like clock work drones upon drones of mindless sheep step in line to get their daily dose of 'bullshit'.

This world and it's inhabitants have grown strange, to me and mine. Feeling as if sanity has been lost to the madness like a disease spreading viral by glance. Backwards logic fooled by the twisting of words, snaking your perception by deceit. Slithering into the minds of those asleep or still dreaming. They will wake, staring down the barrel of chaos as their nightmares pull the trigger. Finding yourself lost within the proverbial forest. So much is wrong, in this reality. We can feel it, we can see it, and we can sense it on all levels of morality. A bad trip, a bad ego, drama within a coma.

Do I, through these eyes of perception truly see this world any differently?
That deep down I am screaming this is wrong, the whole paradigm is wrong?
When its all said and done, and I am dead. Will I be the one who looked mad?


“Take me to Valhalla, pin me to the world tree Yggdrasil.
So that I may understand the truth, allowing my mind to see
past the lies and deceptions, the myths and the legends.
The shadows to the sciences of the godless.
String me up next to Odin, as I witness the understanding of conscious
thought, the meaning and value behind the eyes knowledge.”


Watch as the world you knew falls to ashes, dust to an illusion so grand, so mysterious.
Like snow on a battlefield where two sides clashes, How does one understand that god is us?
We act like children who just lost their guardian, so much hate thrives in your blood, bitter to the taste
We have became blinded by our own sin, how far we have fallen from our own beautiful grace.

Walk with me, in this garden of dreams. Share with me the sent of all possibilities.
Shaping our future to change our fate, a chapter to be written by what we create.
What if it were all just a dream, that the true illusion is us just being.
On the quantum level death is but an overture, for we are all born from a star.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This has been a two day project, was hoping to have if finished last night but just couldnt stay awake. These are some of my views on current as well as past tends. My feelings towards current events, and the like.

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