The Serpent's Soul

Volume Three

“The Serpent's Soul”

“Let my heart open up to a brand new world
Close your eyes and sleep, dream and never let go”

To cast my soul into the great beyond,
There must be a sacrifice to be had.
Dirty politicians who lie out of their head
like rockstars and pornstars who share the same bed.
Dinning on the delicacy of fish eggs.
Then feel my hand slowly slide up your legs,
with a subtle odor of death that lingers in the air
As my fingers tangle within your hair.
Everything you once loved dies tonight,
There is no tunnel. There is no light
and I can taste those forbidden desires on your lips
and I thirst, no hunger for the truth behind that kiss.
To long for casting my thoughts adrift.
With the stars, in the heavens,
yet the only spices who constructs weapons
intent to murder with a simple smile,
Then attend church with their bible.
When the flesh rots away to expose the sin,
just baptize the lies, and start once again.

Rats lost in a maze, chased by the hydra.
Beasts hide in sheep skin, demons from within.
Love it or leave it,
There is a soul within you too believe in.
A conscious thought born in the primordial,
ripped through the stars in the universe
Just to settle down and give this body a soul.
Take me to the edge of reality,
make me understand the reasons behind the insanity.
The chaos and paradox, That is our “Goldilocks”
and when I die, I will cast my soul towards the stars.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

So umm yeah, I honestly did not see this one coming until it was finished. So my writers block is slowly coming back down, just maybe my stars are once again aligning :D hope you enjoy

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~Keep In Mind~

God really loves man
He has for you a great plan
You're special in every way
He loves you all way
Remember He died for you
Jesus did and that's so true.

God created all men
Created earth the whole universe
Our God is an awesome God
He loves you all time
With His unconditional love
He saves gives eternal life too.

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000


The Weather

Stop blaming others.
Situations come from your position.
Settle down, settle down.
Trees lose their leaves to the weather.
Just the same to you.

Is this a mission or a voyage?
Helpless my cause to return
Blame faith without question
Why did I believe in truth?

Signs seemed many
Scared me to disbelief
The blame is in my soul, my body
The clouds are pure again, in my eyes

I have never seen you
I have been told what to think
Led through these years blinded
Now to see through the smoke

Excitement to be honored
To be one; changing with the weather
Finally I will be accepted
Blind me first, then I will see the truth

I breath pure.

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Ancient are the winds, waters, fire and earth
Arcaic, mysterious
calm and soothing
neverending, perfect.

Flows, observes, rests and cools,
water. . . the blood of all life nessecary.

It brings life to the lifeless,
animation to the unanimated,
it is the essence of peace and tranquility.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

One the first poems I wrote.

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Soul Sleep


Under the moon, spirits stand
hand in hand,
waiting for the coming of the
age of the awakening;
come again come again,
come down and save us
before this vortex pulls us in

The opening of Christ's third eye
burns the dying sky,
consumes the children of the
dawn of the indigo,
resurrection day resurrection day
awaken the sleeping souls
before the earth passes away

Under the stars, spirits stand
hand in hand,
bowing down to the son of the
god of the void;
rotting men rotting men
follow your Lord into winter land
before the hand pulls you in

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I love writing when I'm one step away from falling asleep..

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A Sonnet for Good Friday

A day of wrath fully deserved by me
The day righteousness demands sacrifice
Blood must spill for transgressions are many
Not the least the sins by my flesh enticed
Those hours of anguish befit my crime
Beheld by Christ my salvation secured
Atonement came in Yahweh’s blessed time
By Jesus propitiation secured
And long anticipated hope at last
Holds promise of joy in that day of grief
A day of grace to break the riddle’s fast
When sinners receive merciful reprieve
For an answer of Godly love we cried
Found when sinners are at last justified

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The infinite expanse
Of the sky stretched above
Reveals to me the God
Whose best name is love.

   (Written by Muhammad Naveed Ahmed/Emmenay. Posted on Sunday, April 10, 2011).

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How many doors must be slammed in my face

before I get the picture?

How many times must I suffer

the depression from the doors being slammed.

You say be patient, and I feel I have been...

But I must now ask, When?


When, I ask, will it be my time?

I know I'm wrong for wanting it now,

for I know it all comes in time, but again I ask..

When will it be my time?


I see others around me, who work and who strive,

who claim they are walking with you, Lord.

They give so little yet they get so much,

and yet their time is filled.


For I know, Lord, you hold the keys.

From death and Hell you delivered me.

I'm growing more desperate with each passing day,

waiting for the chance, waiting for my time.


When, I ask, will it be my time?

I know I am wrong for wanting it now.

For I know it all comes in time, but again I ask...

When will it be my time?


The answer comes within the question.

For you see, that time is not upon this earth.

For those who receive their treasures here,

lose those treasures when they leave.


And those who are lucky enough to do without.

Have their treasures when they go.

It isn't my time now, Lord.

Because you have given to me,


The time which is meant to last a lifetime,

that time, is eternity.

Thank you for listening to my ranting, for enduring my annoying rave.

For through this asking about my time I realize, that it was my time which you did save.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This came at a rough time for me.. but I think a lot of people can relate to it.

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Spirit filling
With His presence occupied.
Faith, behold Light!
Redeemed and covered with Life pure.
Grace revealed in espoused union
With righteousness, love, mercy, and faithfulness.
Angel named Withyou, bears branch,
Foundation of cheering comfort
Sustained strength
Blessings revived
Upon chalice new name engraved by blood
Weariness and sorrow
Replenished, transformed, transcends
Enters His Holy presence.
Peace and joy kindles
Devotion to Him, Searcher of Heart.

Taken from:
“The Spirit of Jesus”
The Valley of Vision
(A collection of Puritan Prayers and Devotions
By Arthur Bennett

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