Bastard children of the imprisoned son


Throughout the city, cults began to rise, calling themselves deciples of the persicuted child, and the sons and daughters of the new age, among many other names. Police units, being underfunded, and undermanned, could do little to stop them. The followers of the so called, new religion, predicted the day of Tyrant, and a new world to come, often blocking the already cluttered streets, chanting, dancing, and going to many drug induced states. Units could only disperse them, but they'd soon find other places to hold their meetings, and arests were few and far between, as often, police found themselves overpowered by the large crowds who would fight and die in the name of their new god.

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Power in decline


In time, those in power would come to fear the very monster they created, the salvation they gave birth to when at the edge of their demise. They called it Tyrant.

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Black Leeches - OBEY



Friday, December 19, 2014

Black Leeches - OBEY

December 19 2014

Escondido California

Black leeches
Leave blood stains
They negotiate
Your compliance
With violence
Live your life in silence
They will negotiate your future
Viral strand infection
No question
401 intact
Black suit
Black rope
Red throat
Automated machine
Leaves blood
Draws pain
They will intimidate
For you to cooperate
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Religion and Government

Just a thought!
Religion and Government
From beginnings in time, Religions ruled..Government was Religion.
Religion, Government, People, Power, Property.
Sects within religion..Government adopting stronger sects,changing beliefs.
Bigger sect, more people, more soldiers, more war, more land to rule.
Now, follow, flee, or fight and die. Banners flown, heads rolled.
People marching by the thousands to escape control, continued beliefs.
The meek shall inherit the Earth, Only the strong survive... all in perspective.
Religions are dangerous. Followers beware. If you researched their history,
Your choice of doctrine to follow would be one of skepticism.
Just to pick one...Roman Catholic, One of the most powerful. "They still rule their
own city."  Thousands upon thousands were put to death to implement that Religion.
Started by one dictator wanting to rule the world and fill pockets of the chosen ones.
Thank God, our government has seen fit to separate "church and state"...

Otherwise we'd all be Muslim!


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Not a poem.......Just a little truth in history and perhaps a little poke at our ruler...

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Costume Forums and Political Science

Treats, and Trickster's ghoulish-ly 
entertaining the popular vote; 
immigration reform is on the ballot
once more, looking more like a 
menu dessert item, condiments 
cost extra.

Masks covered by masks,
Costume Forums, a masquerade 
masquerading day and night, dreams 
and nightmares. Knocking on my 
door with political propaganda as if 
my views were wrong for being 
different than theirs.

There is no US or THEM only YOU

and ME standing united, our fall

divided by a vote, which most live

and die for. The only vote that counts

is what the MAN says; voting is a

systematic approach to classify the

masses, labeled mindsets, puppets,

a trickster's treat.

Soulkritic® 2014©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I don't vote!!

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When To Get Out

They said I was too friendly

and too mean

and both were unprofessional

They said I didn't wear enough clothes

and I wore too much

and neither was the right look for the job

They said I was too worried about being first

and then I wasn't fast enough

and there was no middle

They hired me to communicate

and told me I talked too much

yet I wasn't given a chance to state my side, my opinion, my view

They said I needed to mature, needed more experience

But they said they expected more from me than ones that had been there for 25 years because of my background

so I did everything I could

They said I wasn't the right fit

and this time I knew why

they'd called it "the piping" in the past

He said he'd never managed a woman before

And I knew the translation

He wasn't going to manage a woman anymore

Because he'd made the distinction

The discrimination

I was a female

in a man's world

and they'd say anything

to get me out.

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I seriously doubt it was a governmental requirement

To disrupt the initial plans for our retirement.


It’s ironic don’t you think that the first place we wanted to see

When we retired, was our nation’s capital…Washington, DC.


But for reasons only they know the government in that town

Chose to fight amongst each other and shut the government down.


When you watch them arguing with each other in the Capitol or on TV

They’re acting more like toddlers than the rulers they should to be.


Because like toddlers the Republicans suffer from a childhood syndrome

“I didn’t get my way so I’ll take my government and go home!”


When you listen to their sound bites at how all this went awry

You have to ask yourself, in Washington, does everybody lie?


I’m sorry our trip is cancelled but I am even more dismayed

At all those people who during this shutdown won’t be getting paid.


If any of our founding fathers were still alive today

I’m confident that I know exactly what they’d say.


They’d say we tried to be intelligent with this government we designed

But this, my friends, is not the government we had in mind.


They’d lament at how it’s not the leaders but the politicians who make the rules

And they’d shake their heads in disbelief at this government of fools.


Earlier I compared them to toddlers…this loose end now let me sew up

For unlike the politicians of today…toddlers eventually grow up


I don’t have any answers but to fix this there might be a way


Perhaps we can find our leaders…on the next Election Day.

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The flag is a spiderweb.

We are secure, but we cannot escape.

They take our guns, they control our minds, they alter our media.

We are clueless and defenseless, but we are content with our

iphone six-hundred, or whatever comes next.

Complacent sheep waiting to be slaughtered.  

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Coffee Stained Phone Bill

I'm pining in Limbo. 

Becoming derecpit and swollen in the damning Vestibule. 

Scintillating, squirmy memories of goey boredom that laminated me with a spackle brush; and happiness that came and went so quickly,

it should have been sold to me in a bottle. 

Cigarettes and college jerseys cleave to my naps like a fitted sheet.

Sleep, big woman,

sleep away your worries for your tinkling, cocaine babies.

Sleep little man.

Rub your nose on your corduroy pants.

Do your duty, child.

Lock and load.

Do not tear your tongue away from the window of the bus. 

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