The summer night and the full moon,

Have an effect of their own,

When seated alone and all to myself,

What a night to make many swoon!


My heart is losing interest in all,

These creations, slowly yet surely,

Except my Creator who is mine?

This is the fact and perhaps a call.


To me, to leave this world's facades,

And return to the One who deserves,

My total love, of heart, mind and soul,

My Sustainer: Now the only goal.


Human love, ah, how it changes!

Wavering like a low flame's light,

Never constant and never mine,

Far from me are its huge ranges.


It is my Lord God in my heart now,

I have already given myself to Him,

So when the summer night and the moon,

Rise and gaze, I am lost in His love.


The girl, the maiden, I loved and lost,

The like of whom I have not seen,

It seems even her soul comes down,

Telling  me of what all I have got.


In this materialistic and untrue world,

It is my Lord God Almighty alone,

Who has saved my heart from being rent,

Then why not should I cry and repent?


I care no more where my friends are,

They are all okay, this much I know,

When they have no time for me,

Why should I worry or myself mar?


In my Lord God's love I find peace,

Joy, calm, an ethereal feel,

So, I turn more to Him these days,

As He welcomes me with His embrace.


When I bow down to Him I am His,

When I kneel, my being lights up,

When I pray, His Light shines fully,

Blessing me with a spiritual kiss. 


This world is now a sorry place,

Where the rat race for more is on,

Whereas it is all bound to end,

This sojourn here ....is it our place?


Fallen from Eden, our first parents came,

And the Gardens of The God are for us,

This world is reaching its full term,

We have to return and without a blame.


It is either Heaven that will be for us,

Or Hell fire, with its burning hiss,

In the love of my Lord God is my grace,

I have been saved...To Him all praise.

All the prophets sent for us by God,

Have warned us about this deception,

The trap of Satan and his wile guiles,

Still, we are being goaded by his rod.

The "Lord is my Shepherd" -- it is so true,

All Praise to Him who made me and you,

Everything is bound to perish save Him,

It's time to mend lives and pray to Him.

His love has no bounds, nor His grace,

He has no wish to punish us at all,

It is we who are bent on destruction,

Wait! Let me revel in my Lord's call...

Every wise man and wise women knows,

That the end of the world is quite scary,

"This is not our home": They say to us all,

"Strive for Heaven, ere Hell's fury blows".

The mercy of my Lord God is great,

His forgiveness is beyond compare,

He has warned us of where we 'll go,

Both Heaven and Hell for us do wait.

The lover of The God Almighty knows,

That to Him he has to go,

And In His merciful, loving presence,

The truth is that pure, divine love glows.

Farewell O world, I am fed up now,

Of all that you possess and boast,

In the loving presence of my Lord I live,

And the truth is: This love is the best.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired to compose these lines as if a divine call awakened the poet in me to rise and write it down as it came. The truth is the truth. I have lost interest in this world and its petty pleasures, small joys and more at seeing hypocricy and the greed for more and more possessions and acquisitions without regard for any virtue, value or human decency, we have got trapped by Satan very grandly. I thank my Lord God Almighty, the One and Only, beyond compare whose greatness, mercy and compassion as well as His love are. All praise to Him.

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Another summer dawn comes

Tired eyes seek some sleep,

But I have to strive.


Treacherous summer night

Robs me of my sleep

Another summer dawn comes.


All the uses of this world

Appear useless, worthless,

It's just mere word-play.


Virtues and goodness have gone,

Scriptures are in shelves,

Greed, lust, evil are goals.


Do I belong to this age?

I often wonder:

Am I for the peak?


In a vision I have seen

All, so dwarfed by me,

Like Lilliputians.


Some make fun of me,

Some broil inwardly,

In their jealousy.


Why are they after me?

What harm have I caused?

Why disturb my mind's thoughts?


Giving me strange names,

Not understanding me,

The sadness in my heart.


Calling me insane,

Schizophrenic too,

Want me in asylums.


The thought difference,

Becomes offensive,

"Lunatic" they say.


I have ups and downs,

But no greed, no lust,

I crave naught but love.


A soul seeking for,

Its own better half,

Am I demented?


Am I a dreamer?

Unfit for this world?

Who can be so sure?


The Creator made me,

I am a human too,

Yet I am "crazy".


All these terms for me,

By those 'wise', 'learned',

With all those 'wise' degrees.


I find refuge in God,

And in His Scriptures,

They believe not in Him.


This world matters so much,

To all those who spend,

Days and nights, toiling

For what? God gives food,

Why seek more and more?

This world has an end.


The rich are richer,

And the poor, poorer,

Why should I not cry?


Sharing each other's woes,

Has long since vanished,

And I am called 'crazy'.


Nature reveals much,

No bird goes unfed,

The Creator feeds us.


Why this sad rat race?

We are not deathless:

The shrouds and grave


Pharoah despised Moses,

And Jesus had no right,

To remind us of God.


Abraham left idols,

Muhammad too came,

Their lives lie in shelves.


All this manic rush,

For more and more...more!

Ends up in a grave.


I have seen dawn-breaks,\

And many nights flee,

Sun, moon, stars, shining.


My soul is guided,

By my Creator,

The God Almighty.


So give me your names,

Which you keep for me,

And let me be: "Be"


This world's end is nigh,

And that day will come,

When goodness will reign.


Hell is what you seek,

Knowingly quite well,

That prophets sought God.


My God is all good,

He is merciful,

But then, I'm a "fool".


While you wrack your brains,

Desiring this world's life,

I seek peace with Him.


When the Last Day comes,

With Heaven and Hell,

Let us see who's "crazy".


Let us see who's "insane",

And a "schizophrenic",

My God will hail me.


You will like to come,

Back to his world for,

Another chance...yes!


But nightsand blue dawns,

Reveal the future:

My own and yours too,


So late it will be,

Once the doom does come,

With Eden for me.


God's promise is true,

Read the Scriptures,

Lying in your own shelves.


Goodness has its reward,

And evil is for Hell,

When all this will end.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a poem wherein my inner self is speaking out the thoughts. All the prophets, saints, sages, visionaries, wise men and women and even well-informed scientists predict that this world will end soon. But the people caught up in the rat race of greed, lust, selfishness and an insatiable want for more and more have become totally engrossed in the deceptions of evil. The Holy Scriptures lie in bookshelves. Very few read what is in them....and even very few ponder and try to adopt the way of the Messengers of The God Almighty. What a pity! It makes me feel so sad. This is not our real home...it is the Garden of Eden and the Garden of Firdous as mentioned in The Bible and The Glorious Qur'an as well as in other eastern scriptures. Or it is Hell...meant for the sinners of this worldly life...heedlessly pursuing their craving for more and more....forgetting the grave and the life after this life. I hope the reader does not mistake my good intentions in the poem. I have said what was inspired in me...but I mean nothing bad for anybody, no man, no woman...for it is The God Almighty, the One and The Only, who judges. But I have spoken what I have gleaned from reading the scriptures, pondering on the signs of nature and the lives of the prophets of The Almighty as well as other wise and noble men and women. Last of all let me add that this poem is not a sermon. Not at all. It is only a description of the truth mentioned in all the Holy Scriptures and stressed upon by every Messenger of The One and Only God Almighty.

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Prisoner Of The Night - (For Ruchira Da)


A prisoner of the night

 I could not see the Light

 I had no sense of day

 I could not find my way


Bright and Pure and High

 I looked and saw the Sky

 Calm and Joy descended

 A Love that’s never ended


You told us what to do

 You woke our hearts anew

 You found for us a way

 To be Love every day


Lord Avatar Divine

 We love to see You Shine

 Your Radiance undoes us

 Great Only One above us

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Earth taketh thee.

Yesterday's thoughts,

And my soul that rots.


   Engineer thy grave.                       

   I forgot thy cave                   

   Coz it be, sadly,     

   Where my sorrows lay gladly.


      Promises fade

      My shaded heart is forgot.

      Weak to my knees

      But the storm grow thy trees.

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Another place, another soul,

Night planning a feast,

Waiting for a little help from the sunrise,

To finish in beauty, what cannot be…


Dropping a couple of shooting stars,

in silver plate, spice up with crystal pearls,

The moon was kind to let them scrounge,

and the sea to let me drowned,

To hunt the mermaid & borrow her black pearls.


The rain let me used her prized crystal glasses,

Fills with her tears of happiness,

Morning’s dews dress on fallen leaves,

For starter, with a pinch of dreams.


Just a tiny bit to let children’s fantasia,

Is not the quantity but the quality?

Whisper in my ears the first ray of light,

Reflecting on spiritual recipes.


I run all night in the garden of Sodom,

To pick the best truffles,

The mighty look with envy,

My loving hands at works.

Main course, which need cutlery,

When the poet can use his pen,

Gently opening his lips,

Foods for the thoughts…


To make your smile,

In the morning dews.

Do you like the place?

In the middle of the wood,


The smell of the firewood,

Invigorate the senses.

Sacrifice of the tree felt,

Perfect high, to seat above…


discussing the holiness of such tastes,

Or lied down in the grass,

“Did you used to watch at the clouds?

And see them; smiling at you, it was so easy then…


The last days of summer,

“Quick makes a wish”

So you known everything is possible,

Because if you still lying down, fluffy clouds will fills
your head.

Time to serve the dessert,

I look up to my lost friend,

And the blizzard falls like no tomorrow,

But I won’t loose those magic beliefs,


“Do you like cloudberry sorbets cloud?”

You might be surprise and be lucky,

And find a broken blue angel,

Tender on the palette…


Look they reflect in your eyes,

Was it a smile or a tear I saw running along your face?

Or maybe still the glitter of the nights before?

Who care when the hope and the romance,

Crack the stones under our feet’s!


Thank for letting me believe one more time,

I blame god to have give me grey eyes

So let pretend for a while,

And let the crow pick your blue eyes,


So I may wake up to the cruel reality,

Or the beauty around who know?

Have you notice the angels,

Spying and blessings it all.


The clouds and the wind,

Caressing gently our faces,

It would be so beautiful indeed,

If sometimes the world was real as such.


Until then, I am afraid,

Oyster would do nicely,

Champagne, were I push my first scream,

Shall intoxicate us a while longer…


We were lucky to have breakfast,

And if the broken trunk was a bed,

There was nothing wrong to keep the dreams alive,

Before the light blind us to reality and coffee.


And all disappears, magic!

The moon is waiting to vanish,

The rain ready to crash her crystal tears,

Maybe we should get back home and take our pen,

Instead to use them to eat, the food of the gods….



Author's Notes/Comments: 




India runs through my veins,

Middle Asia, give me one last shoot!

A baisé of Shiva, lick my sins,

And I saw your picture,

Pinned in the back of the shop,

Parvati ready to fight me,

Duality, angels and demons,

Ripped me with thousand arms,

Because I ridded Ganesha,

To take me to the feet’s of Skanda.

Shiva, my loving third eyes,

Blue makeup on your nails,

Hermaphrodite and asexual,

Rob me from all my beauty,

Deliverance all of my sins!

Honeys bee sucking on purity,

Whisper the songs of the mystics,

Mother India, chaos in my head,

wrecked to piece my heart,

With all bestiality and beauty,

Children’s legless, blind give me your eyes,

To never forget mother India.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

flying, travelling, love, sun, spiritual, smile, poverty that i love, and some secret nights!one of my secret place

In The Moment

In the moment

She sits waiting

Waiting for something to happen

Not sure what it is but never the less waits,

Yearning for something amazing to bring her back to life

Then finally something happens and she realizes it was there the whole time

She was blinded by her own insecurities

It didn’t blow her away or whisk her off her feet;

Instead it was grounding, soft, comforting

Something familiar

She awakens, able to see what she has been missing

Like a sunrise bringing new light

She sees for the first time with ending brings a new beginning

Love within

Love will find her

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I Have an Unknown Friend

I have an unknown friend, who lives in the sky

Why I question him, I do not know why

I should not go to look for him, they say

But I know he'll want to look for me someday

I wonder, I ponder, even as I sleep

I dare not awake, for I have gone too deep

But again, the sun calls to another abrupt wake

Alone again, to find an answer for my sake

I take another step foward, for this I will fight

Forever wrapped in this question, how it echoes through the burning light


Clarity Pyramids









midnight blue blanket

 do consume us wholly

you, raping bodies in death

"spill the light of heaven on me"







Author's Notes/Comments: 

Clarity Pyramid


(I didn't mean to erase your comments, Beeble. I hadn't realized I wrote it as prose instead of a poem. I did the other one the same way. Your comment wss appreciated, and thank you for your compliment♥)

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