As I loo into the mirror, I see a little girl that has so much pain hiding behind that tiny body of hers

She is lost in her ways physically, mentally, and emotionally

Gaining some type of clarity, but fact remains she has lost herself in this maze of life

Poundering on what life holds for her, she reaches out hoping she can get in contact with her innerself

But that part of her fades away like a candle being blowed out.

Words start to make no sense at all and she is starting to doubt all faith

Praying that God would see her through everything, she convinces herself that nothing is going to come of it

Day in and day out she looks at that same image staring back at her in that dusty mirror

Focusing on every little detail that glass shows

She takes her fingers and touches the mirror and traces the outlinesof her face

She sighs in dismay, and pounds on the mirror until it shatters in million of pieces

Scared and confused she watches as the glass hits the sink and floor one by one

Convinced she is all alonein this world

She starts crying, hoping someone will hear her

But pure silence

She balls up in a corner and slides down the wall next to the broken glass

Crying her eyes out

Once again hoping someone hears her


Not even a gust of wind could take her mind off the emptyiness of the room or the hole in her heart she had

She thinks to herself maybe if I pray I can get some type of closure

Kneeling on her knees and in deep conversation, she ask for some guidience and comfort

In return she feels all her sorrows fading away

Her tears are magically gone

And she holds her head up with pride

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The Sun Rises


The sun rises

A puppeteer to the world

Allowing us to brighten ourselves

With itself, brilliant

The air lifting

A thieving sensation of sorrows

Allowing us to unwind

Unbind; resilience

The day faring

A warrior of progressive pleasure

Allowing us to dream

Supreme tomorrows

Ask me

Ask me what I think about religion, ask me. Freedom of speech you say what a mockery. I won't cause offence but I do, to that someone who new that our minds are chained to the matrix of game. 
Newspapers, t.v, all media wont define me. Power of thought will fight through religiously. Governments and laws clawring true sanity. 
Ask me what I think about life, go on ask me. Look up to the skies I say, then you label me crazy. 
Power of all economical gain, is their with the truth and the missing plane. 
Chained to our society. Love for others ripped from your empathy, or crushed with remorse to a life sentence casualty. 
Indigo children bring us prosperity. Hope for us all, light with clarity. Robots step forward with their monopoly. Programming titles to match, ADHD they say try that.
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Pleasure and Judgement in The Garden of Sin


Bodies intertwined like serpents in the garden of sin
souls dieing again and again
to find the pleasure in the pain
the judgement the sentence
the dream to awaken
to nurture the flower of skin
to consume the nectar that awaits within

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Ryan Lyandree


I’ve fallen victim of the aspects of this alembicated theogony

Prisoned between the texture and tone of this hypnotic polyphony

Behind the counterpoint there’s a secret left to be unraveled

Hidden is the blood bathed instrument, in which we are modeled.


The harmony and the melody being played got me all tangled

Like the feeble children of Hamelin, I beg blindly to follow

When crossing both circles, the omphalos, the experience’s spiritual

To think they’re just thermionic waves in motion being contrapuntal.


Left but marveled and dazed by this convoluted but delightful outcome

I leave the umbra of the beast to wherever it may choose to roam

May the specter of my own shine beneath the parsimonious heart

 For since the beginning of ages, we were never meant to be apart.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is my latest "Ryan Lyandree" poem.

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I see London,

I see France

And the bridge between.


Like an eagle my vision flies

Over the countries

Over the rivers

Over the plains.


Truly adventure

Can happen inside

You don't have to leave your house

To project or have visions.


I roam far and wide,

I see heaven and the sky

I see the Cosmos

In and Outside


My vision travels

Far and wide!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Personal poem.

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My One True Self

Loneliness, my one true Friend

Visits me each night, until the bitter end

Teaches me how to silence the noise and hide away

So I can find my purpose and not go astray


Doubt, my one true Foe

Silently whispers and persuades me to forget all that I know

Finds faults in all things that I want to attain

Feeds off my sorrow, until there is no joy to drain


Failure, my one true Fear

Consumes my thoughts until I adhere

Crushes my passions through dread and fright

Fills me with regret, until I lose sight


Serenity, my one true Love

Guides me through the darkness, so I can rise above

Cradles me to sleep, so I can escape in my slumber

And dream of peace, love, beauty and wonder


Purpose, my one true King

Keeps me questioning and searching for what meaning life brings

Commands me to uncover the hidden secrets to being truly free

Leads me to the long and hard path towards finding the true me

What do I do Now?

Lord help me through this time,

Lord help me through this time,

I don’t know what do,

I don’t know what to ask,

I don’t know who to talk to,

I don’t know even know you.


Wisdom is the weapon but the line is thin,

On one side I’m in agony,

On the other in pain.


I am past the anger,

I am past the fear,

Show me the truth that I seek,

Though not of my will.


I am stuck in the loop,

With no light to be seen,

But as long as I’m in it,


I will find. the end…

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My 30's 2014+

The light of the moon shines through my window,

But it doesn't light me up like other nights.

I try to close my eyes but it won't let me sleep,

It reminds my mind that my thoughts do not leave.

I wait for the time when my mind skips a beat,

I wait for that second I can fall asleep.


I used to fight it and give all my energy to it,

I used to deny the power it had over me.

The pain only worsened, the thoughts only grew,

Until one day I realized I can't fight with the moon.

Some nights we dance and we laugh and we cry,

Some nights it's like a dream that I wish would come soon.


Tonight is a night where sleep will not come,

Where I have accepted that the moon has won.

The pain rushes from my head to my heart,

Like a knife, piercing through my spine.


The moon is not evil, it means no harm.

It does not hate me.

It lights up the dark.

But tonight I do not sleep,

Because of the moonlight through my window.

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