When the dead have inherited the earth


Though I walk the land given to the dead,
and stand among the lost and the forgotten,
I will not fear death, for I carry with me, the promise of a better resurrection.
I will not fear the stalking plague that seeks to devour my soul,
as in my heart, the hope for a better tomorrow still lives on.
My God and my faith will be with me forever.

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Everything under the sun


Under the heat of the dying sun, every ounce of fear and hate, and determination to survive bled through the pores of his sweat soaked skin, as he swung the heavy broad sword in savage desperation at the rushing monsters. Covered in the blood of the damned, as he slaughtered the relentless rabid, his arms became weak from the struggle; his legs became soft, as his heart rushed adrenaline through every vein. Running on fading strength, only the will of the soul could keep him going; only that unseen hope to live would be his saving grace. Everything he loved, and everything he knew was nothing more than a mindless cadaver; an infected abomination. By the hands of man, all that he loved had been murdered.

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the wishe'd sould immersed

wishes arent just whispers into an empty sky
they are the orange and blue bolts across a stormy sky,
into the vastness of the universe.
they are the rainbow os auroras of the Northern Lights,
they are more powerful than the sight
of a butterfly first taking flight,
they are fireworks exploding in neon passion,
the spark of hope that is spoken and ignited into life,
a wish is a piece of your soul morphed into the galaxy,
and the soul itself is with the universe, immersed.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this just came to me last night just as i was about to fall asleep.. so i hope it makes sense for someone out there....

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I'm Singing and Consciousness is on the Drums

Bump and bop and knock then stop.
It’s a rhythmic beat to reap the sleep
and see what’s been shown, not meet what’s
been known over and over again,
just changing how it flows from pen to pen
or mind to mind.
Just mind the edges and don’t fall off,
but conquer those hedges secluding Truth,
hung aloft up above for all to see,
and perceive Love,
shoved beneath and stomped
under feet, but breathing
and needing our attention,
undivided and whole—
a beckoning to our eternal soul.

-Ryan K. Fuller

Author's Notes/Comments: 

No comment

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Let Yourself Dance

Feel the rhythm
Match the beat
Move along
Without missing a heartbeat

Jump and

Without a care
Flow to the music
Put your soul into it

Forget the scars,
And let yourself be free

Enter another world
A world where you are in charge
Where you can be you

With no judgments,
No lies,
And no regrets

Let yourself dance.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A short, sweet little poem that just popped into my head while procrastinating and I thought it would be selfish of me to keep it to myself, so I posted it. :D

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From the Ashes

With a spark we started the fire again and together we’ll last to the end.
Through the storm we have walked and together we have survived.
A new love is born from the ashes of a fire that was lit long ago.
Our path unbeaten but together we go on this journey, our lives now intertwined.
With the darkness comes the light and with the wind, rain and cold comes the rainbow.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Still working on this, wondering how it flow so far?

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My Soul!

What is in my soul,
Its my life’s goal

What have I planned for my life to come,
Is it some money, is it some fun?
No No my life is looking for something more,
Something that will bring in a smile to my heart core!

Life says in secret ways, do what you like,
But true happiness will come, when you take selfless service with delight!

I got the key to pour out joy from my soul,
Service to the world is now my goal!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The secret to true and eternal joy, revealed as the yearning of a soul............

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The Hand of God

I die so many years ago and God denied my soul.
The Devil keeps calling but I will not let it go.
Lost in the abyss I try and find my way through the mist.
My path unclear but I will fight my way there.
Battling through the shadows I will continue to win the battles.
The light I seek, his grace I will win with defeat.
On the battlefield I stand tall, this is my last chance after all.
Rage and blood in my eyes I reach my sword to the skies.
I come to a realization and I understand, I must lay down my sword so I can take the holy spirit by the hand.

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I am the master programmer, you are my new creation, the perfect soul;
the Artificial Consciousness I have planted planted deep within.
In my image, I have made you, my sons and daughters.
In my name, you shall breath life, you shall touch and feel, you shall have life and give life.
So as long as you obey my laws, you will never to know death or war, or feel the fire of the bomb.
You are the youth of the generation of living A.I.
Take the words I have given you and let them fill your memories.
I am the master programmer, your father; your creator and your salvation.
Welcome to the mainframe, the sanctuary I have prepared for you.

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