The Soul's Little Shadows

Long after the
Last lights have
Lost their lives,
And the shadows have
Taken over the streets,
A single soul dances
Alone in the

She does not sense
The anger of
The dark as she
Creates a glow where it was

She knows they dare not act,
For her disruptive light
Gives the ignorant shadows

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Suppressor of the night

Unique Poems

The days just past by as my memories just sink in ; a story of the unforseen ; where do i even begin ? ; cuz after that day the light in my eye just became so ever dim ; after that day i saw another side of this world that was forever more grim ; & seeing evil spread so fast forced something to awaken within ; the embodiment of my soul merging right under my skin ; the suppressor of the night ; a symbol of the fight ; obliterating all evil and resuscitating our might ; dispite the disunited views and the regardfulness of few ; im here to abolish this hatred & convert it into something new ; an unforeseen world but yet I'm ready to see it through ; call me a mysterious fright or even a ruthless shadow ; but even if I fall into the unforeseen ; I will always remain a hero '

Author's Notes/Comments: 

based it on a vigilantes mind set and opinion towards the world but in a simple manner. This is his short message to the people ~

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Devil with the Pen


wen i wake up i see sumthin strange thats near ; like an illusive creature i make niqqaz think i invented fear ; so my nerves start to urk with in this body as my bed rumbles upon this earth ; & My skin lies here untouched but my soul is so bruised ; tormented by these demons that i had sent out to u ; cuz with all the conflicted hatred i kept embodied inside ; ur punishment deserves to be heard worldwide : dam jus call me the devil with the pen ; Writing ritual curses with my nails on niqqas who say amen ; Here again with out a heart in this body ; & u would think cause I had no soul that I fucks with illuminati ; I should burn u where u stand ; dnt compare me to that slime ; Yea they had a soul that they carelessly sold for dimes ; yea I had a soul but I happily stabbed mines ; & but to the contrary my path is more benign ; killing niqqas ina row like i gotta Deadline ; & don't worry I keep my promises when I lie ; dnt believe me ? Well then let me jus swear to god as I cry ; how bout now ? Did I conflicted ur mind ; do u understand what I'm saying ; am I as clear as a mime ? Do i gotta eat ur brain to understand if u mind ? I mean I kno I swallowed ur tongue but that's no excuse to be shy ; & well yea ikno I fractured ur spine & may have slit ur throat with this knife ; but dam .. At least have the courtesy to look devil in the eye '

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Hello this is your soul calling


Sitting in his favorite chair
gazing through the window
he says no words
he shows no life
alone his his favorite rubber room
while his consciousness tries to
call through
from the other side
no one answers
no one is home
it calls and calls again
while he sits in his favorite rubber room.

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my soul blew in from the east
where the sun rises perpetually
it carried with it all the debris from yesterday
soiled and stained and riddled w/rust

my heart blew in from the west
with the sunrise and the peasants and the beaches
and it grew in my chest like an aging child
breaking through to adulthood & extinction

my memory blew in from beyond the sea
& the currents of the oceans carried with it
my heart & soul – now complete, I push on into the night
chasing my breath, creating my dreams

Author's Notes/Comments: 

From my poetry collection called 'A Place In Time' as yet unpublished.

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Soul Sleep


Under the moon, spirits stand
hand in hand,
waiting for the coming of the
age of the awakening;
come again come again,
come down and save us
before this vortex pulls us in

The opening of Christ's third eye
burns the dying sky,
consumes the children of the
dawn of the indigo,
resurrection day resurrection day
awaken the sleeping souls
before the earth passes away

Under the stars, spirits stand
hand in hand,
bowing down to the son of the
god of the void;
rotting men rotting men
follow your Lord into winter land
before the hand pulls you in

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I love writing when I'm one step away from falling asleep..

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Let me have a gentle crossing
across that river wide
let me take comfort
and have comfort
into the great divide

Take away that fear of the unknown
ease that thought of death
let me take peace
and have peace
and have an easy breath

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Stealing Back My Soul


When I said

Those three words

I love you

I felt the swords

Cut out my heart

Pulled my soul

Straight from my chest

Tried to fill the hole

With these gifts of mine

Mind, heart, and soul

I laid at your feet

Never knowing the toll

I rested my bloody body

In your arms

I kept saying

“There’s no harms”

You sure showed me

Proved I could be wrong

So I sit here bleeding

As I sing this song


“I love you, I love you

What did I ever do so wrong?

I love you, I love you

How can I be more than strong?

I love you, I hate you

This has gone on way too long

I love you, I hate you

You’re the one who’s not strong

I hate you, I hate you

You pushed me around too long

I hate you, I hate you

This is way too wrong

For way too long”


Now you hate me

Because I could take no more

All I have to say is,

“Just what the fuck for?”

Leave me alone

Get out of my mind

On my heart, you’ve already dinned



Written on

August 14, 2007

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one was written to Paul. At the time I really did feel like he was after my soul. Looking back, I realize that he never really was.

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My soul

My soul is is full of demons wondering about. My soul is full of demons that want to get out. My soul is pure evil I don't have a heart. My soul is pure evil the devil tore it out. My soul is so scary I won't tell you about. My soul is so scary I don't have a dought. My soul is cursed for many years. My soul is cursed my mother's in tears.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

After getting teased and getting pushed, hit, etc. I just thought it up.

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