By jfarrell


Even the sand flowing through the hourglass

Echoes ‘tick-tock’,

When it lands.

He’s catching up; your time is running out.


I may be pressing ‘send’ on my phone;

The alarm on the timer says ‘beep, beep’

But its still ‘tick-tock’;

My, our, time is running out.


‘I’m a clockwork creep’; 10cc are so under-rated;

Clockwork; digital; psycho…

Us clockwork creeps; we all sing ‘tick-tock’;

As we press buttons that lesson our time.


Don’t look behind - just RUN!

You heard the ‘tick….’

Maybe you can run far enough; fast enough;

And not hear the ‘TOCK!’


I saw someone make it, once;

I saw someone dance through raindrops;

Drip-drip; Tick…… and POW!

Gone before I could ‘Tock’.


As a bomb, that’s very frustrating :-)

I wish you all rainbows, my friends :-)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

time ticks down

My Dragon’s Vengeance

My Dragon’s Vengeance

By JFarrell




She, my dragon, arises,


A maelstrom of rage,

Vengeance unleashed.


Monday night,

22 angels

A children’s pop concert

A piece of garbage with a bomb



My dragon roars and shrieks

With unconsolable pain

And uncontrollable rage


The schism of her rage

Leaves nothing but a mushroom cloud.



Sorry, dedicated to the victims and families of the bomb in Manchester, 22/5/2017

   And the victims of all terrorists around the world.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

my dragin is angry


 Bomb knows no language,


But the maker,


And the thrower,


Certainly has.


Bomb has no conscience,

 But the brutal instructor,

 Or the adviser,


Does have sense.



If the bomb could ever speak!


It would in abhorrence squeak.


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FDR's Trees

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FDR created the CCC
which planted
hundreds of millions of trees
Now the USG
bombs and burns
hundreds of billions of trees

-saiom shriver-


(Richard St Barbe, the Australian,
influenced President Roosevelt in this. Now the US,
Australia and everywhere
needs many times more trees)

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I am the master programmer, you are my new creation, the perfect soul;
the Artificial Consciousness I have planted planted deep within.
In my image, I have made you, my sons and daughters.
In my name, you shall breath life, you shall touch and feel, you shall have life and give life.
So as long as you obey my laws, you will never to know death or war, or feel the fire of the bomb.
You are the youth of the generation of living A.I.
Take the words I have given you and let them fill your memories.
I am the master programmer, your father; your creator and your salvation.
Welcome to the mainframe, the sanctuary I have prepared for you.

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