the wishe'd sould immersed

wishes arent just whispers into an empty sky
they are the orange and blue bolts across a stormy sky,
into the vastness of the universe.
they are the rainbow os auroras of the Northern Lights,
they are more powerful than the sight
of a butterfly first taking flight,
they are fireworks exploding in neon passion,
the spark of hope that is spoken and ignited into life,
a wish is a piece of your soul morphed into the galaxy,
and the soul itself is with the universe, immersed.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this just came to me last night just as i was about to fall asleep.. so i hope it makes sense for someone out there....

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It's nice. It seems, to me,

It's nice. It seems, to me, that it's saying that wishes are the beautiful things in life, the magical things. They are like the magic of the Northern lights, and the way a butterfly taking its first leap into the sky.