Oh well...nevermind.

Mummy cruellest, 

Youre at it again

Pulling strings,

Sprouting ungodly things

Manipulative stings

Cursing wildly full of spit

Wicked smiles through teeth a grit

One minute Nobody cares

The next nobody dares 

Megalomanic twisting up into poor thing

Tucked crying under your own wing

Poor thing, poor thing!


But im too old to play now

I dont fall for your slippery tricks 

Or jump at your needling pricks 


Your truth hardly rings

Thats why i never answer 


I remember those words you say 

When im dealing with your cancer

Oh, well... nevermind you'll get over it 

I know, how dare I say it?

Maybe two eyes for an eye? 

Wonder where I learned that from and why?

To the master of my once personal distasters 

Lifes a bitch the minute youre born from one for now and ever after.

Dont call me,

I'll call you.

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The bow of my body lay suspended by your charms

hung in mid air with the lightest of touch

Fire glazen eyes burn through naked flesh 

Shudders tentatively meet the tips of your lips

Rib cage to Belly,

belly to hips,

to thigh

Breaths lay untaken

Tension rides the sinews 

Pleasure languishing in every  stroke 

Your heated approach has left me starving,

Unlocked, ready, awashed with drippings

Flooding senses overridden

I thought no meant no?