Underneath a glass dome,
Immune from outside forces,
Abundant growth, petals soft,
Glistening array of gentle endowment,
Thriving in a myriad of opulence,
A torus exudes timeless ardor and stride,
And the integrity of wholeness

Is autonomously and freely fullfilled.





12:06 AM 5/27/2013 ©

Me & My Girl ; That Independent Pearl

Random Poems

Make that clit twitch ; tell a bitch aint no lie ; i'll suck ur pussy dry ; I aim to please make a girl feel free ; kiss her lips grab her hips ; then go down & kiss them other two lips ; slam her agianst that wall ; make her scream for more ; push her up to da ceiling ; put my tounge inside her get her tingling ; if she les i make her striaght if she bi i make her beg ; cuz im that drug that makes a bitch an addict ; & make hoes wanna overdose but i say no cause i want my pearl ; that independent girl that can tell a nigga no ; but can put on a show ; that can be freaky in bed & aint scared to give head ; that can make u feel hot but aint afraid to put u on da spot ; that doenst cheat cuz our true luv is key ; & cause then she gotta fuckin deal with me ; but i aint one to abuse see ; but dnt like to be fooled see ; let my girl choose make her feel free ; let these otha dudes kno they shoudnt fuck with me cuz i decked them real talk come at u like a dog ; i sniff da fakes out & at night I shout I howl I scream my lungs out ; only cuz ur my girl and im ur guy ; that one of a kind rare dude to find ; with that werewolf body with at vampire mind I'll show u so much luv cause baby ur all mines ~


Author's Notes/Comments: 

One of the earliest poems i have ever written ; back when i barely wrote any poems ; & as you can tell i was such a horny teenager .__.

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