Imaginary Man

When my eyes fall upon you I fill with lust
Meeting and making love becomes a must
You seem so perfect, a gift just for me
Is there something to you I don't see?
You appear so handsome, strong and bold
A being of masculine beauty I must hold
Can this be real? Can you be real? Can you be true?
It seems impossible that this is you
You are my dreams living embodied
Will you really not mislead?
Can you really be such being of perfection you seem?
Speaking to you makes my heart beam
Is it possible that you are not of my imagination?
You sore through my dreams with angelization
You are so perfect in my night
I will acheive passion with you with all my might
I wish to hold you in a naked embrace
To allow our bodies to eternally interlace
The passion I feel for you even though we have not met
Is that of sheer beauty that must be set
I await for our bodies to be one in love
I will gaze upon you, my savior above
I ache to be enveloped in your sweet ecstasy
To achieve together our greatest fantasy
I long for you to fill me with yourself complete
Our love making will be magick that can't be beat
To have our tongues meet in elegant dancing
To fulfill our desires after romancing
To just feel your touches upon my nude flesh
You inside me is a feeling in which I will relish
The hard thrusts and gentle carresses on every inch
The pleaures you'll cause to make me clinch
The sweating and panting upon the bed and floor
Will not end for hours for I will beg for more
When it finally comes to it's orgasmic end
We will lie together and watch ourselves mend

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Actually was being said in a dream by me as the love making happened... Wierd

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