Ghost of You


I feel like I'm grasping

At what's already gone
A shade of the past
A cruel man's con


And I cannot figure
How we got here
To a place where I shed
Many a tear


Where my tears mingle
With the rain
And although I love you
You cause me pain


How'd we get here
From a place so bright?
Appeared in darkness
What happened to the light?


From a time when we'd
Speak everyday
A time long ago
When "you're perfect" we'd say


A time when I'd
Call you sweetheart
When we were together
Yet so far apart


It's been a year
Since the start
Were you ever not
In my heart?


I'm clinging to
These fond memories
Soaked by my sorrow
Down on my knees


A month without you
Feels like eternity
I feel you slipping 
Into anonymity


All this history
Was any true?
This unfinished business
The ghost of you

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Theme for a better poem

I see you at my strangest thoughts
You couldn't hope for it any better

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Unfinished, obviously

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I know this chick

By the name of Monroe

Though I barely know her

She's had me since hello

She gets my heart pumpin'

My blood starting to flow

She makes my knees weak

She hits me real low


Chopped black hair

Nevah stayin' the same

Always makin' new rules

Always changing the game

She keeps me movin'

Like dancing on a flame

She's a wild one

One you'll never tame


Talk your shit

'cause it's fine with me

All that really matters

Is that she is mine


A moment I dream of

That I'm always dying to capture

An amount of thrill

That you just can't measure

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