mental connection

Reality Daytrip

With death they say you rest in peace,

Is life seen as being such a chore?

Self-preservation spun around an introverted cocoon,

Instable thoughts run with the paint of a visionary mind,

One person’s vision is inspiration, but never to be sought alone.


Meandering rivers lead to future destinations,

An unstable raft leaving traces of broken pieces.

To survive and rise amongst the decay of meat and muscle,

Remembering the primal urge to live,

Mental salvation and a body to belong in.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Posting quite a few that I've written but not published. Should really post more often as I enjoy this site.

my abyss

naughty ramblings

can i invite you to swim in my abyss

to a worthy companion the journey beins with a kiss

this trip is sure to travel with a flair called bliss

it is one that you won't certainly want to miss

all that i am is interwoven in this

the love we will share you will not dismiss

the places i will take you can't be taken as trists

are you deep enough to stand up and handle this new Miss?