self reflections

Inner Sky


Past glint filled eyes in worlds of dreamland ponder,
journey to distant stars, sharing the moonlight's rise
Through sky of mind- across sheen of velvety pitch,
sought solace for  heart - where one's hereafter lies


Lure to Elysium, softy prompting by name-
like windblown songs voiced by sirens at sea
Path's way to light places darkness in hold,
'neath halo's calm - troubled thoughts set free


Encroaching shadows, bearing faces of dread-
garner somber tidings - yielding mar to soul
Plunged into depths with scarcity of hope,
headlong fall oft-times takes a grimaced toll


Advancing spawn with grasping clutch,
drags despairing turmoil along in tow
Disquiet crafts the scenes for imagined fate,
visions with greetings in shadings of woe


Many trials to find you - either day or night,
come as they will, tribulations fade to way
Through inner skies - a refuge in sanctum's home,
repose the while during a quiescent stay


Beyond the eyes are soothing places to ponder,
behind each star is another moonlit sky
Solace for heart - in worlds of dreaming thoughts,
realms where one's hereafter will always lie


© C.E.Vance

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Let Me Reflect Upon Myself

I’m angry, I’m angry
Why am I so angry?
My brow’s always furrowed
My chest filled with angst.

I’m sad, I’m sad
Why am I so sad?
I no longer feel my tears
My face always numb.

I’m confused, I’m confused
Why am I so confused?
My mind’s a lost cause
They’ve all deemed me insane.

I’m lonely, I’m lonely
Why am I so lonely?
In a room full of people
I still talk to myself.

I’m scared, I’m scared
Why am I so scared?
I can smile when addressed
But the rest is a mess.

I’m lost, I’m lost
Why am I so lost?
I’ve been wandering for years
I don’t want to be found.