Park Bench


I went to a park bench 'cause I
Need to sit down for a while
Looked at my phone for the second time
I wanted to go but was always shy


And as the others had fun around,
I'm stuck in this part of town
Never been cheerful all my life
I've been also asking myself why


If only one of these crowd would go and talk
If only someone would go for a walk
Under this starry night
Having a ray of light


Holding my hands tight like
All would end tonight
Telling me I was never a fool and not a tool
And I'm wondering if that someone is you


You walked with your arms crossed
I looked at you and took a pause
Never seen you all my life
But my mouth opened wide


You looked at me the other way
And I didn't know what to say
Something crawled my body all over
How I wish this would never be over


If only we could be gone to stop and talk
If only you'd invite me for a walk
During this lonely night
Giving me ray of light


Please hold me tightly like
This world ends tonight
Please tell me I was never a fool and that you are sure
Yeah, I'm wondering if that someone could be you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It's funny how you can create two poems by just sitting with a stranger for two minutes. "PARK BENCH" is the first of the two.

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thisiswhatiwrote's picture

I like this one the most.

I like this one the most. Your others are really good too tho!


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I'm happy that this one.

I'm happy that this one. Thank you for reading my poems!