Midnight Launchpad


sometimes I am more

human than being.

a car crash heart

on a freeway


having all my best breakdowns

when time goes missing

and I can’t feel my

skin cage anymore


my atoms are reverse explosions

and I don’t have a countdown

just wait for the

tick tick

boom that doesn’t end


hold me close like

something breaking


sometimes I am more

being than human.

stillest statue

drawing in all the colors


sit here with a face full of fists ready to swing

but I can’t stop existing to do it


so I will hold them until

the human sets in,

midnight launchpad ready to set me

all the way free


I can reach the rope

to touch the skylines

holding someone and

I won’t let go


I can dive so deep

you won’t find me

sitting in this Be

in the darkest sand


and then when my breath

catches at day’s end

make it to the surface

just in time to curl

into the smallest ball

you’ve ever seen

empty all of me


onto shore

so you can’t pull me apart

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 2/27/23

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