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The Mindfulness


Cleansing the minds obviously

by the morning dews,

I hastened to adapt my mind

into the absolute purity.


Not originated demerit ceased

to be accessed into my minds

I’ll fasten resolutely

the cavity of my mind. 


Any demerit embedded

in my mind till the second

I’ll uproot by its roots and pervade

only the merit in my mind. 


Exploring the merits

not flourished in my minds

I’ll let thrived and brimmed over

my mind like the water did in the waterhole.


The flourished merit

multiplied into many folds

I’ll acquiesce my mind

satiated to its brim.


Demerit – Unwholsome (Akushala)

Merit – Wholesome (Kushala)

Rouge rubis

C'est une petite forêt tranquille

Epargnée par l'hiver, baignant dans l'été

Le soleil inonde une clairière, petite île

Ou s'achève sombrement une épopée


A l'endroit ou se croisent les chemins

Les regards haineux se croisent

Et pour un joyau rouge, l'un y perdit sa main

Ainsi que la source de son extase.


C'est une petite clairière silencieuse

Où l'on pu ce jour la apercevoir,

Scintillant sur des cailloux d'ivoir


Des milliers de petits rubis

Tombés de celui, qui, tantôt

Perdit l'un de ceux-ci, ainsi que sa vie.



Her name remains the most beautiful flower,

a representation of her in every way 

and not a secret I could keep hidden. 

Yet through the cracks in my skull

scream words that were never said,

things that were never done,

Whether it was because I couldn't grasp them

or because I was simply a coward.

No matter how late I am, I at least want you to know.

What I said was only a fraction of the truth,

if I got started you would never hear the end

of how much I love you.

For your smile, laugh, eyes and kindness,

my heart would care for hell if that would be all it could see.

To hold your hands I wish I did,

I would never let you go

I'd stay by thy side and protect thee from tears,

hold you tightly and take away all fears.

Worth more than all the wonders of the world,

even the stars are dim in your presence.

All that honesty gives me hope,

You are impossible in all your ways,

introduced me to poetry

and changed all of my faith.

Stay strong and one day

you will find, 

Your own flower too.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My final poem, honestly love expressing my emotions into words, but it gets painful at times. At the very least I'll end with a happy one. I still welcome comments, because I might check back here and there. Thank you to who ever has been reading these, I appreciate your interest :).