I couldn't stop from thinking it

I couldn't halt at all

It filled my heart, not leaving a free bit

It lost me my smile, made me as emotionless as a doll

I didn't even care anymore

I didn't even see

It ate away deep into my core

It corroded what was left of me

I said those hateful things to you

I really didn't think

It made me walk when you ensued

It pushed me to the very brink

Had I only stopped and thought

Had I only cared

I had only your love sought

...Had you only shared...

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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Ugonna Wachuku 


There's grave silence

accross the earth seen. 

Hidden hearts preach in 

cities for growth, for

social justice, for

dying humankind's

well-being globally, 

for fertile farmlands

and humane harvest. 

Inequality blooms!

Silence! You don't 



Church bells are silently

ringing at the distance.

Temple bells are also 

ringing. And Mosque 

calls mingle with these 

ringing bells alive. 

I can hear the women
and men singing. I hear 

humankind singing: 
I can hear you from
Essertines. I can hear

you from Nigeria!

I can hear you from

Mexico! I can hear

you from these United

States of America!

I am 


I am









I can hear you from
the woods. I can hear 

you from this earth!

I am uncounted



I can hear your voice
from the other village.
Yet, you are so far
away. But I am still

human unloved! 


But with the clustered
brilliance of your waving
hair, you will come in


At the warmth of the
evening sun, you will
smile in silence. I too
will watch in silence.  


Night shall come with
golden lamps to give
you hope and unforgotten
love with cherishment;
to give you the silence
of yearning hearts walking
the lush landscape of my
beckoning soul: 


That loving mutness in
sweet sad silence seen 

across our breathing 

blue earth!


There's grave silence

accross the earth seen. 

Hidden hearts preach in 

cities for growth, for

resilience, for soothing

social justice, for fresh 

farming and harvest, 

for dying humankind's

well-being, globally!

Inequality is King!

Skin colour brightly 

bars in hidden







Yet, I can hear your

handsome hate from















It All Falls On Your Head


Trust me.

Fate and all of her magical whims have nothing to do with it.

For knowing that you were born into failure, born with the restraints that cripple your pace, you soon realize that there's no coincidence why you're always the one who’s left behind.

Its funny, when you stand aside to see yourself on the kneeled down on the tracks below, dragging and scrapping, you know that it becomes all too obvious...

You know you can't compete against the others whose path is already predetermined.

Its sickening, yes I know, having to realize what strength lies in the hands of others

Even though the contaminant of your blood pumps through my weary veins, it is you who always seems to disappear when the slightest sign of a distant storm front is imminent.

So stand up.

Take a bow.

Relish in the disappointment, and take credit in all of the plunderment you've caused.

And my only wish is that you see that the weight, the distress, the hunger, it all falls on your head.

Which should be just enough to bend and snap like weak twine and roll on the ground as all spherical objects do...


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another piece about

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Please Don't Speak

So many times I begged of you

Please don't speak, just listen

And maybe you will hear

You never heard the words I had to say

My own words were overcome by words from you

Every attempt to converse with you  

Ended just this way

You never heard me because you wouldn't listen

Now my darling, your words I do not hear

So please don't speak, I will not listen

I don't even want to hear your voice

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Failure to communicate completely reversed the roles in this relationship.  And one might say, turned love into hate.

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Think about that word

How strong

How violent

How cruel

How sad

That word destroys

Destroys everything

Even friends,


And love

Why such a heavy word

How can someone say they hate someone else?

That's cruel



Why hate

When you loose

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is a great poem.  To tell everyone not to hate, you will regret it at the end, but really do think about the word, b/c it is strong.  Thanks for reading!

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Their Reasons For Murder

Society's Woes

You decided to take me from this world because...

...My mother or father is light skinned.

...My mother or father is dark skinned

...I'm darker than a brown paper bag

...I'm lighter than a sheet of white paper

...I was born a female that many loved

...I was born a male that some adored

...I was born under circustances that inabled me with a disability

...I'm of Asian decent

...I'm of Hispanic decent

...The person I fell in love with isn't the same color as me

...I prefer people of the sme sex

...I enjoy dressing up as a male

...I enjoy dressing up as a female

...My accent calls for me to talk differently

...I was born outside of this country and came here for a better life

...I take the underpaid jobs you won't do

...I drive a better car than you

...I just happened to be sleeping on that street corner

...You took my politeness as advances

...I am one of the only few people who didn't try to decieve you about who I was

...I didn't fit your stereotypical idea of the average American...

I am who I am.

And now the ones that love me must grieve.

Grieve for me.

But I will grieve for you.

Grieve for your ignorance.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is for James Byrd (Jasper, TX), Matthew Shepard (Laramie, WO), and others who died of hate crimes because they were who they were.

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