Things to Ponder

I hate the unlovable.

I love the unhateable.

I hate the unlovable love that they call hate.

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Think about it.

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We've become victim

We shall retreat to our keep

Too many have fallen

We're in far too deep

A once mighty fortress

Reduced to a place of desperation

It's beauty and pride

Are now far beyond restoration

The gardens scattered

The corridors torn with warfare

The once proud statues of commemoration

Viewing the damage, take their fair share

The few positive minds

Allow us to trudge on

But the ones for whom we care

Are who have kept us alive for so long

The tears burn into myst

The blood stains the frost

The cries of the fallen

and the silence of the lost

The sound of the slayer

The scent of the dead

They echo and linger

Drifting above our heads

The misfit militia

Marching through the pain

Broken bones and ripped flesh

So much loss shall not be in vain

The plants wither to the ground

The oak trees loom and fade

We ignore the screams in the distance

As the ground shows its age

The distilled thunder beyond

The crude arms of our men

All present to us

Our chances again

And as we finally cross

Over the plain

We see such a power

We have found that which we blame

A power so insane

It breaks holy law

So unthinkable

It leaves the soldiers in awe

We're blinded to its form

We see a flash of light

We feel a painless passing

As we pray our final good night...



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Hating You

Lost Love

I knew it'd hurt the first time I saw you with someone else
I didn't know the hatred that would eat at my soul-
I've spent the last year loving you as a best friend ,
And the last 11 months as your wife.
Now you say there's someone new, and you love her.
I ask you, how can you just give up on all we shared?
Did our wedding vows mean so little?
Sometimes I just wish you'd die.
Or that I would die.
I can't go on this way
Not for another second, or another day.
I love you, no I hate you.
You hurt me and I just can't walk away.
I can't let you go to love someone new.
Yet if you were to come home, I couldn't again love you.
I love you,
Your memories so precious and sweet.
The way you vowed never to let me go
The way you'd hold me in your arms.
I hate you.
I hate you for loving her-
I hate you for no longer loving me.
For finding a life while I sit here and cry.
But most of all, I hate myself.
I hate myself because I married you so soon.
I should have listened to everyone and waited a little longer,
I hate myself for all the thoughts of revenge.
I wish I too could find a new love.
But I hate too much to ever love or trust again.
It's all your fault and I hate you for leaving me so bitter at the world.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written after my ex husband left me.

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Hated Imagination


Hated by the ones she knows

She walks alone to school

Not knowing why she has so many foes

She lets her instinct rule

Deciding they hate individuality

She's a rebel without a cause

She has lots of originality

And so she makes her own laws

She tries her hardest not to do

What they have done to her

Not wanting others to go through what she went through

And lets time pass as if a blur

The clock ticks down the afternoon

As she waits for the end of school

She sits silently, drawing a cartoon

And her pencil is her tool

Imagination takes you far

So use it while you can

Life's a movie, you're the star

So make the most of your life span

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You don't know fear


Its just a matter of time,

the walls are falling in,

The screams are more consuming now,

From the darkness thats within,

The visions more grotesque now,

Full of Death, Gore and Sin,

There's no where left to hide,

I will have my revenge,

I will carve into you,

Every pain I have endured,

Slowly so you feel it,

Each inch more and more,

There's no one to hear you,

Scream all you want,

This will be a while still,

You nasty little cunt,

You think i'd just sit here,

let you destroy my life,

Bitch the blood is yours now,

and your fingerprint on the knife,

Why'd you go and fuck with me,

We wouldn't be right here,

It's okay soon you'll see,

Up to know, you don't know fear.

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Blind my eyes,

So I cannot see,

It seems you know not,

What you do to me,

Cover my ears,

Mute that bitter sound,

That rips and tares,

No matter who's around,

Shatter my senses,

So that I cannot tell,

I smell her perfume,

In my solitude my hell,

Blacken my heart,

So that I cannot care,

This feeling is burning me,

This pain I cannot bare.

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Dead Words


Brightly shining,

Death and dying,

Friends and enemies,

Lost alliances,

You and yours,

Me and mine,

Two broken friends,

Two hearts gone blind.

Inside are feelings,

Anger and rage

Two dangerous animals,

Locked in a cage,

The tears run down,

A raw replace,

My skin much paler,

My distraut face,

Confusion anxiety,

The time draws near,

I'll say I'm sorry,

But you wont hear.

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Does It?


Does silence scare you?

Does it eat at your soul?

Does it bleed in your mind?

Does it strip you of life?

Does pain intimidate you?

Does it overwhelm you?

Does it steal your valor?

Does it drain all your might?

Does hate fill you?

Does it contaminate your being?

Does it replace your judgment?

Does it leave you in void?

Does sensitivity anger you?

Does it undermined you?

Does it belittle you?

Does it make you less?

Do I empower you?

Do I fall short of you?

Does my pain fill your void?

Do I add to your conceit?

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"Hope To Hurt" *


My dear, I wish I loved you.

I wish you made me melt.

I wish you made my world go round,

Wish that was how I fealt.

I wish you could complete me.

I wish you turned me on.

I wish today, when you woke up,

I wouldn't have been gone.

Wish you were what I wanted.

I really wish that I

Could feel the way you say you do,

I wish you wouldn't cry.

I wish I could control this,

Or turn it on and off.

I wish you didn't always hurt.

Wish I could get enough.

      - L R

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i said come, on, fhqwhgads i said come on fhqwhgads... eveybody to the limit everybody to the limit everybody come on fhqwhgads!...
come on fhqwhgads... i see you jockin me... tryin to play like, U NO ME...

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